Corruption; A Nigerian Tradition.

Corruption is a word synonymous with Nigeria nowadays because in all the sectors of our economy there is at least one top official committing fraud or other financial irregularities, it has become so bad that politicians now see any political offices as an avenue or easy means to loot and syphon Billions of Naira, as a means to enrich themselves and give contract to friends and relative.

An average Nigerian vying for a political post has a sole aim of getting rich no matter how little the days he spend in office.

The recent conviction of former Delta state governor has also made nonsense of our judiciary system, a man that wasn’t found guilty of 170 count charges in Nigeria was convicted on 3 count offences in the UK, Ibori’s case and several other high profile fraud case have been swept under the carpet and with the way the fuel subsidy scam report is being handle I fear it might also go the way of previous scam cases

The sports ministry can also boast of fraudulent acts right from the year 1999 when Nigeria hosted the youth world cup, 2003 all African games and recently the N1.2million used to open a facebook fan page by the sports ministry.

THE Transparency International recently expressed
worry over the scope and speed of corruption in
Nigeria, saying it is beyond what it has
ever dealt with.

EFCC and ICPC have both been a waste of time and resources.

Election in Nigeria is a or or die affair, there has never been an election without irregularities frm the federal to local level, several millions are always been expended on elections every election year yet we we hardly record a fair election in any state, irregularities ranging from stealing of ballot boxes, to multiple voting and other unreported acts of misconducts.

Until politics become financially unattractive then we will have people who truly want to serve this country in politics.

Until the juduciary in start treating corrupt officials/politicians the same way ordinary corrupt citizens are been treated as criminals and sent to jail, Nigeria will continue experiencing high rate of corruption and misconducts.


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