Love & Lust; An Inseparable Union

Lust attracts partners to each other while Love
keeps them together, when attraction dies
in a relationship, the relationship will eventually end.

Love doesn’t exclude lust, just the opposite: if you
don’t lust for her, chances are you don’t love her,
And lust do lead to love sometimes

There are times when people fall for someone
else for reasons utterly unrelated to physical
appearance, for instance; someone has helped them through a difficult period, or stimulated them intellectually, for example. In these cases someone might love, but feel no need for sex. Someone’s kindness or cleverness has attracted someone else to them, and this attraction has nothing to do with physical attributes. It’s not about grabbing them or sex; it’s about meeting a wonderful person. This love has no lust. Does it have a future? Maybe not.
That doesn’t mean it isn’t real, just that it isn’t fertile.
In a relationship, your desire for your partner is not just one of physical attractiveness.

Lust is a two-headed beast. On the one hand, you
might lust after someone you see in the street or in
a bar, you want sex with them. Great. But in a
relationship, when you love your partner for their
eyes, their intelligence, and their kindness – their
body takes on a deeper meaning for you. Its curves
and angles and depths become expressions of your
partner’s personality, not just how they look. You
want your partner; you want to make love to them –
the person and the body as one. So lust can grow
with love. Love and lust become expressions of the
same adoration. Many couples enjoy better and
better sex as they get to know each other over the
years, even though they may put on pounds, or lose
hair. These things become irrelevant when the body
and the person are so intertwined in your
In essence then, yes there times when love exists
without lust, but to divide the two is simplistic when
it comes to relationships, they merge, mix and flow together.

The brain chemistry of lust is physically more
powerful than love , if we are in love, we are more likely to be lustful for our partners.

Romantic love, a combination of love and lust, it involves both strong mental and physical desires.

“Love exists above the belt, lust below. Love is lyrical. Lust is lewd.” One difference is, love considers both the other person and yourself, while lust is purely a selfish motivation. However, lust is a component of the physical chemistry that attracts one person to another, which can result in love. At this stage, we are getting the idea that the two work together.

Being in love makes a person think twice about acting on their lust with someone besides
their partner. Lust for one’s partner can strengthen
the attraction and love for them. Lust may be the
ingredient that makes love stronger, and of
Being in a relationship and in love signifies having
access to sex when we want- or at least that’s the
theory. If we know we are capable of fulfilling our lustful needs with our partner or spouse then we are more likely to have lust on the brain.

The power of true love lies in lust because it is based on natural, physically driven forces of survival. It’s not necessary to be in love to reproduce, but lust is certainly a main factor in reproduction, lust is the motivation.

Whenever we have our more intense feelings of
love toward our partners, they are almost always
tinged with feelings of lust, yearning, and wanting.
Lust has driven us before love was involved.

Strong Lust will sustain the love in a relationship.


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