Nothing In Life Is Free

Nothing in life is ever free, everything in life comes at a cost, whether it’s money or a life someone always pays, there is no such thing as free unless the thing in question is without value.

When I write a post, i give it away to the world on my blog, it is not free, I spent time, energy, effort, and knowledge writing it, time that could have been spent doing something else.

The only time something is truly free is when it has no value , when the person who creates something believes it to be of no inherent value that it’s only worth throwing away. Your excrement is not free, you pay people to take it away, Same for your garbage

Directly or otherwise we pay for everything we get, everything we do and everything we benefit on earth.

The cost of coming to the world was paid by our mother, the pains, sleepless nights and the labour pains are the cost she paid to bring us into the world, though not paid by us but coming into this world did come at a cost

There is no free thing anywhere in the world, staying alive comes at the cost, the cost being the air we breath, as long as we stay alive our cost is the air we breath but when we can’t afford to pay for the air anymore we seize to exist

There is no free food anywhere, even when it appears free for all some1 somewhere has paid for it knowingly or otherwise.

Faith in God is free but its not complete without his words, the words of God are contained in his holy books which aren’t free, the cost of purchasing a Bible or Quran is the main cost of whichever religion we chose.

Even Love aint free it comes at a cost, it might not be in monetary terms but there are times when you have to chose between going out with friends and going out with the one you love, when you chose to be with the one you love, your friends are the price you paid for being with your love.

In life, If something is offered as free, then the person that offered it must be extracting cost from the recipient in some other way or means

Generally, there is always a price to pay for something, maybe not in money, but something else even if it is only pride or self esteem.

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