We Judged A Book By Its Cover

We judged a book by its cover
We judge a man by his words
We allowed our emotion over cloud our judgements
And now we live to regret it

Just because he had no shoes
We felt pity for him
We thought he will be different
Because he had a poor background and his level of education

He is the most educated president we ever had
But from him we’ve been able to confirm
That education and common sense are too different things
We confirmed that the hard way

This administration will go down in Nigeria’s history
As the most corrupt of all the corrupt administrations we’ve had
Am sure that is a plus for him
A plus for the one without shoes

13months into his full administration
Its been nothing short of total disaster;
Boko Haram in the North
Militants in the South
Armed Robbers in the West
Kidnappers in the east
Him at the centre

In every country of the world
Candidates vying for elective posts
Are always keen to attend debates
To show the people what they have to offer
But in our case it was a different story entirely

He didn’t attend the debates
Instead he organised a 2 cast stage play
With him as the main actor and a joke of a musician playing the supporting role
There he showed us what a joke of a country we are

From then on drama has never seized in our nation
Each day with a different script
Scripts of action and suspense
Bad and worse everyday
Our land became an abattoir with blood shed everyday.

The giant of Africa is now the joke of Africa
International communities termed us ‘den of thieves”
Well, we worked for it
We produce big time thieves

Corruption is another name for our nation
Each state and sector can boast of big money frauds
But no one is in jail yet
No one has been prosecuted

In any serious country
The jail would have become lively
For the crooks and thieves that swindled our country
But a thief cannot prosecute a fellow thief.

First term is a disaster
He is already talking about second term
Am sure he will be interested in third term if the constitution permits
Many years of failure.

We judged a book by its cover
We judged a man by his words and background
We thought the messiah has arrived
But we got the opposite
We thought we heard the voice of God, only to realise we didn’t listen well.

The one without shoes is always promising us
If it rains each time he promise,
Am sure half of Nigeria would have been wiped away by flood.
He’ll soon set up a committee of promises

He also innovated something good
Cassava bread is his innovation
Bread made from Cassava
Oh what a pity

Going back in time
Going through his profile
All of his immediate superiors have either been struck by disaster or death
But now Nigeria is the only entity before him and we’ve had our fair share of disasters.

We judge a book by its cover
We judge a man by his words
We thought the messiah has arrived
Oh what a mistake.

Martin Luther King had ‘I have a dream”

Barack Obama had “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”

But our President had ‘I had no shoes” and Nigerians are still paying for the shoes he never had.

Help the child not to be shoeless so that when he grows up he wouldn’t be clueless.


9 thoughts on “We Judged A Book By Its Cover

  1. What we need at this present moment is prayers and our actions and not wailing over spilled milk. Have we been patriotic enough to criticize other people? Let us rise up to help our dear country for our sake.

    • Am doing the little I can and if there is opportunity for me to do more I sure will but that does not change the fact that we fell for animal doctor’s tricks and lies

  2. What a mind blowing piece! You touched the TREE from the very tap root and what else can one say about how a monster propped up from nowhere to decieve the whole nation. I weep as I make this comment but I also wish that the very part he chose to walk on shall ultimately consume him. Welldone!!!

  3. Nice work here. Buh rili, the high time we leave out sentiments based on religion or tribe in choosing our leaders, the better for us. God bless u and take u on to gretaer heights on this blog

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