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Keep Your Dreams Alive.

Keep your dreams alive, for if dream die life is a
broken winged bird that cant fly.

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve. Dream great dreams and make them
come true. Do it now!

Defeat may test you; it need not stop you. If at first you don’t succeed, try another way. For every
obstacle there is a solution. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. The greatest mistake is giving up. Wishing will not bring success, but planning, persistence and burning desire will.

You are unique in your own ways, In all the history of the world there was never anyone else exactly like you, and in all the infinity to come there will never be another you.

Never accept self-limitations. What you believe yourself to be, you are.

To accomplish great things, you must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. If
you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost – put foundations under them. Yes you can.

Believing is magic, you can always better your best.
You don’t know what you can do until you try.

You can’t get something if you don’t start something If you don’t reach out or stretch yourself, you’re never going to get the fruit. There is no failure except in no longer trying.

Lazy goals produce lazy results, clearly define your goals, write them down, make a plan for achieving them,set a deadline, visualize the results and go after them. Just don’t look back unless you want to go that way.

There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract all the necessary ingredients. Success is an
attitude. Get yours right. It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen.

Dream it, Follow it, Achieve it.

Letter To My Unborn Child

My letter to my unborn child
My yet to be conceived best friend
Am yet to know whether you are male or female
But I know you are somewhere in heaven
Patiently waiting for me to bring you into this world

I put you in my prayer everyday
Each day I wake up brings you close to me
And am hoping to hold you very soon
Please don’t be angry ’cause of the delay in bringing you to the world
It was never my plan to delay you for too long

The uncertainty of the world changed my plan
Moreover the search for your mother was not an easy task
Dated different tribes
Met all kinds of girls
Being through so many disappointments

Being through many heartbreaks
Patched my heart so many times
But I found someone who could be your mother
We planning good things for you

Every night before I sleep
I wonder what your name will be
The school you’ll attend
I strive to give you the best

The best of the things I never had
Didn’t had so much growing up
Struggled through the hood
Through elementary to university
Never had the best of things

But its an assurance
A sure assurance
I’ll make sure I give you the best of things
The very best available
Which is why am hustling hard

But wait,
I have some words of wisdom
Which I feel I must impart
Remember these words always
And keep them in your heart

Dishonesty is bad
Never use it to get by
Always tell the truth
No matter the circumstance

Always love your woman/man
Keep her/him first in your life
And she/he will always be there,
To kiss away your strife
Always respect him/her,
Be the best thing in his/her life

Enjoy this thing called life
Don’t live it cold and bland
Close your eyes and take a leap,
Never do anything without proper planning and thinking

Try not to lose your temper
It’s really no big deal
But my daughter/son if you must fight
Do it for something real and just

Take the time to listen
To what people have to say
And don’t forget to smile;
It could brighten someone’s day

Education is key
Acquire it to the highest level
It will open doors for you
And you’ll liberate many souls

Never be a miser
Neither should you be a spendthrift,
Be a cheerful giver
’cause blessed is the hand that giveth

Try to live with patience
Do it the best you can
Stand up for those who can’t
Always fight for justice

Always be a leader
Step forward never hide
Put yourself out there
And they’ll stand by your side

These things I hope you learn
Someday you’ll come to find
But for now they’re just a dream
Tucked away inside my mind

My child
I truly love you
Though your face I’ve never seen
But I do love you

Now and forever
Everyday that comes between me and you
I know you are closer to me than ever.

These are my words to you
My unborn best friend
I love you child

Life Is Good

Never rue a day in your life, Because everything that happens in a day is part of the necessary steps that needs to be taken to form the future, each day comes with its blessing and disappointments; both are necessary to make you understand what life is all about.

Never hate or blame the people in your life, they all are like actors in the movie of your life, each with a specific role to play, roles you can’t play by yourself, but must be played by others;
You cant break your heart by yourself Neither can you date yourself, those that break your heart and those that fall in love with you play the roles of teachers, they are in your life to teach you that life is not as bad as you feared neither is it also as good as you thought.

There are many other role that you cant play by yourself but by those around you which is the reason they are in your life in the first place.

Never regret what you did in the past, it was exactly what you wanted to do at the time you did it, but because it did not turn out in your favour does not mean you should live the rest of your days regretting and more importantly because it was your decision to do it then, if it wasn’t your decision you wont regret but challenge it. So instead of regretting it you should learn from it and make use of the lesson and move on.

Never be scared to take a step in your life because its what will shape your future, rather becareful because one wrong step could be the beginning of the end or the beginning of good things to come in your life.

Whatever happens in life, never give in to regret, rather you should refresh and move on because nobody will pass through life without life passing through such person.

The ups and downs are very important to our existence, it is what keeps us going.

Nobody promised us that life will be easy, life can’t be a bed of roses because it is the taste of failure that makes victory sweet.

No matter the situation you find yourself, just remember Life Is Good


1. Never Let No One Know How Much Dough You Hold; Don’t let anyone know your true worth. It’ll make people jealous and want to steal it from you

2. Never Let ’em Know Your Next Move; Don’t be easily predictable, Don’t let anyone know what your next business step or idea is because if you unearth your business plans before you actualise it or turn it into a product / service people will steal the idea and use it against you.

3. Never Trust Nobody; Trust is a big and delicate thing in business, thought its good to surround yourself with people you truly trust but with your ideas and money, never trust anybody with both because even your mother would betray you for the money that’ll be in it.

4. Never Get High On Your Own Supply; Don’t use your own product as gift to people except when you are doing sales promotions or enticing customers.

5. Never Sell No Crack Where You Rest At: Your business and your home are 2 different things entirely, never mix the 2 together.

6. That God Damn Credit, Dead It: Never encourage credit in your business unless you are planning to bankrupt and go out of business

7. Keep Your Family And Business Completely Separated; Never put the running of your business in the hands of people who are related to you, people you can’t easily deal with when ‘shit hits the fan”. Your family shouldn’t run your business because blood and money don’t mix well.

8. Never keep No Weight On You: Your products shouldn’t be with you at all times, even if you do mobile marketing or you take your products to your customers never carry it with you always unless you want people to rob you of it.

9. If You Ain’t Getting Bags Stay The Fuck From Police; Always be on the positive side of the law, never do anything illegal in your business because too much of legal battle will ruin you business.

10. A strong Word Called Consignment, If You Ain’t Got The Clientele Say Hell No; There is no reason to store products or order for products when you don’t have the customers to sell it to. Your suppliers won’t care whether you sell it or not, they’ll take their money from you.

THE TEN CRACK COMMANDMENTS OF BUSINESS is originally a song by Notorious BIG.

……The Thoughts Of A Nigerian Youth

…………I was born in the 80’s
Growing up I was told am a leader tomorrow
Was told the future looks bright
Was told Nigeria is a great nation

I know I’ll live 90years on earth
Am almost thru with the 1st quarter of the 90years
When is the future gonna come
Maybe they lied that I’ll be a leader 1day

Perhaps I’ll be a leader 1day
Maybe when those old men decide they’ve had enough
Just enough money till they die
Maybe then I’ll have a chance

I was born in a country
Where the youth leader is my grandfather’s age
Does it mean we have no capable youth in this country
Or the chance to be a leader is not just existing

Other countries of the world recycle plastics and bottles
My country recycle leaders
Same leaders that were there before my birth
Still have the ambition to rule again

The man that ruled some years before I was born
Wants to come back again
He said he is too young to quit politics
Maybe am too old to be a leader

Boko haram in the north
Ritualists in the east
Militants in the south
Armed robbers in the west

Yet we all have a mutual enemy
The federal govt fucks us all
They don’t care if we live or die
The result of the choice we made

Millions of graduates are produced yearly
No provision is made for any of us
We all have to fight for the few jobs available
That’s the situation we find ourselves

As an optimist the future looks good
As a pessimist the future looks dark
As a realist the future looks uncertain
But as a Nigerian youth I know I will make it
That’s the spirit I was born with

Just a thought
My thought
The yearning of millions of Nigerian Youth
What we think everyday.

Written by Amarachi Amaechi

Love & Lust; An Inseparable Union

Lust attracts partners to each other while Love
keeps them together, when attraction dies
in a relationship, the relationship will eventually end.

Love doesn’t exclude lust, just the opposite: if you
don’t lust for her, chances are you don’t love her,
And lust do lead to love sometimes

There are times when people fall for someone
else for reasons utterly unrelated to physical
appearance, for instance; someone has helped them through a difficult period, or stimulated them intellectually, for example. In these cases someone might love, but feel no need for sex. Someone’s kindness or cleverness has attracted someone else to them, and this attraction has nothing to do with physical attributes. It’s not about grabbing them or sex; it’s about meeting a wonderful person. This love has no lust. Does it have a future? Maybe not.
That doesn’t mean it isn’t real, just that it isn’t fertile.
In a relationship, your desire for your partner is not just one of physical attractiveness.

Lust is a two-headed beast. On the one hand, you
might lust after someone you see in the street or in
a bar, you want sex with them. Great. But in a
relationship, when you love your partner for their
eyes, their intelligence, and their kindness – their
body takes on a deeper meaning for you. Its curves
and angles and depths become expressions of your
partner’s personality, not just how they look. You
want your partner; you want to make love to them –
the person and the body as one. So lust can grow
with love. Love and lust become expressions of the
same adoration. Many couples enjoy better and
better sex as they get to know each other over the
years, even though they may put on pounds, or lose
hair. These things become irrelevant when the body
and the person are so intertwined in your
In essence then, yes there times when love exists
without lust, but to divide the two is simplistic when
it comes to relationships, they merge, mix and flow together.

The brain chemistry of lust is physically more
powerful than love , if we are in love, we are more likely to be lustful for our partners.

Romantic love, a combination of love and lust, it involves both strong mental and physical desires.

“Love exists above the belt, lust below. Love is lyrical. Lust is lewd.” One difference is, love considers both the other person and yourself, while lust is purely a selfish motivation. However, lust is a component of the physical chemistry that attracts one person to another, which can result in love. At this stage, we are getting the idea that the two work together.

Being in love makes a person think twice about acting on their lust with someone besides
their partner. Lust for one’s partner can strengthen
the attraction and love for them. Lust may be the
ingredient that makes love stronger, and of
Being in a relationship and in love signifies having
access to sex when we want- or at least that’s the
theory. If we know we are capable of fulfilling our lustful needs with our partner or spouse then we are more likely to have lust on the brain.

The power of true love lies in lust because it is based on natural, physically driven forces of survival. It’s not necessary to be in love to reproduce, but lust is certainly a main factor in reproduction, lust is the motivation.

Whenever we have our more intense feelings of
love toward our partners, they are almost always
tinged with feelings of lust, yearning, and wanting.
Lust has driven us before love was involved.

Strong Lust will sustain the love in a relationship.


It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because all that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are
~ Mark Cuban

To some, failure is a step backward / drawback, while to others Failure is another step close to achieving success. Nobody is a failure till he / she concedes defeat and accept that he / she has failed, failing at something doesn’t mean you didn’t prepare well neither does it mean you are not good enough rather it means you still have somethings to do before you achieve your desired goal.

When you attempt something and fail, there are 3 options that will automatically be presented to you

1) Quit and accept you failed.
2) Blame it on the environment and every other thing around you.
3) Start your preparations again and be determined not to make the same mistakes you made when you failed.

Failing at something means you’ll be either a day/ week/ month wiser and knowledgeable than you were the last time you attempted it. The only different between success and failure is the zeal, the determination not to quit and the spirit to be better than you were. The successful people in the world today are those that have failed at something several times over but what separates them from others is the fighting spirit not to give up and the enthusiasm to fight on till they win.

To a determined man the word ‘END” means ‘EFFORT NEVER DIES”, but to a weak man it means the end of trying and in the same vein ‘NO” to a determined man means ‘NEXT OPPORTUNITY” but a weak man will stop making attempts and accept failure.

Failure is as natural as success is. The word failure needs to be re-classified. Instead of using the word failure, we should use ‘err’ in its place. Failing at a task is simply getting it wrong or possibly not getting it right.
Nothing substantial in life will ever be achieved if failure was the end of the road. Life is full of trials and errors and without trials there can be no errors, and without trials and its all encompassing errors, success simply will not be achievable. Errors are the one ingredient we all need.
It is precisely these errors that show us the way things should not be done. This is called learning.
Solutions to problems are born out of failure. Failure only becomes real when you lie down and give up.

Once you stop trying and throw up your arms – once you do not have any more ‘stomach’ for the task at
hand – once you give up and state that it is the end of the road – only then can you describe the task as
failure or at least label it so

Always endeavor to keep trying, keep attempting and never relent, attempt it not till you get it right but till you can’t get it wrong because failure is how you define it to yourself and how you view it.

Below are some helpful quotes

Failure and defeat are not the same thing, Defeat only takes hold when you have succumbed to

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more

Failure builds courage and courage builds success

Failure is a word I don’t accept.

Failure is not a sin – it is a just another way of attaining success.

Failure often contains the very lessons required to be successful

“Failure is the best form of education known to mankind.
The more you fail – the more you learn.
The more you learn – the better educated you are, The better educated you are – the greater the chance is of success.
Thus in order to increase your chances of success, you need to educate yourself, The best way to do that is through failure”