God Bless The Dead

God bless the dead
God bless the departed
God bless their souls
God grant them peace

None of them knew they were going to die
They were all happy and sharp
Buzzing with happiness and laughter
But they never got to their destination

Its a sad day to be a Nigerian
A very sad 48hrs for us
My people died like chickens
My brothers and sisters

They all had plans for themselves
Great goals to be accomplished
They all told their loved ones they’ll be back
But they never made it back to their loved ones alive

This is not a time to apportion blames Nigeria
This is not the time to curse anyone
This is not the time to ask for anyone’s resignation
Am sure nobody wished death for the departed

Kids became orphans
Husbands became widowers
Wives became widows
What a black sunday

Some died by road
Some by air
Some in their homes
Black sunday for us

What have we done to deserve this
This death is becoming too much
Our lives are no longer secure
Nobody is guaranteed the next minute

Dear God,
Forgive us our sins
In anyway we might have sinned against you
We come to you Oh Lord pls forgive.

As we mourn the departed
Let’s say a prayer for their families
Let’s say a prayer for ourselves
Let’s beg for forgiveness.


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