Our Regressive Democracy

There certainly is no light at the end of the tunnel in Nigeria, the democracy we prayed and fasted for, the system of government we all craved has not only failed us but it has taken Nigeria and Nigerians one step forward and a hundred steps back, democracy has allowed Nigeria to be run as a family business where there is a chain of succession, only for those the ‘Godfathers” chose, our votes have no meaning, whether we vote or not the next president/governor has already been appointed.

Who would have thought that the system of government we all believe is the best for us will be our greatest undoing, we felt all the injustice, embezzlements, mass murder, religious violence, government sponsored confusion, scams and other malpractises that characterised the military rule will be a thing of the past once democracy is allowed in Nigeria, but it has been a sorry, pathetic, and sad case that democracy has made us the laughing stock all over the world, corruption is now a constitutional right, every sector can boast of scams and frauds running into billions, the fear of the ‘unknown”(by unknown I mean its not clear whether Boko Haram is a tool of the government to cause confusion of ordinary citizens who just don’t want peace).

Criminals (‘militants”) are been paid better than legitimate civil servants, they enjoy benefits a hard working citizen can only dream of, the executive, legislature and judiciary are the most corrupt arms of government in the world today.

Nigeria is one of the highest producer of crude oil in the world yet over 90million of the about 160million population are living in abject poverty, money meant fot citizens are been siphoned with reckless abandon.

There is violence and civil unrest everywhere in the country, our education system has nose dived, even football that used to bring us joy is nothing to talk about now, death, scam, bombs, death and more death is what we hear everyday, for an average Nigerian tomorrow is not guaranteed, the airspace is no longer safe, our roads are death traps, travelling by sea is not an option, even staying at home you are not guaranteed the next minute.

High poverty level, high rate of corruption, low income, bad education system, bad leadership, ineffective & inefficient amenities, scam, fraud, bribe, bomb, death, are some of the dividends of our democracy.

Despite the lives that were lost to achieve democracy, despite all we sacrificed ifor democracy in Nigeria, its a pity there is nothing good to show for our democracy.


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