Why Ladies Don’t Date or Stay with Nice Guys

In my many relationships I have grown to learn why I most times find it hard to hold down a lady I really love, not really because the lady doesn’t love me back rather its because I always play the nice guy who is ready to give his all to the lady he loves, but most times I wonder why being nice makes me lose the woman I love whereas another guy is treating another lady like he doesn’t need her but the lady refuse to leave. I sat down one day and thought about what have been doing wrong with all this ladies and I came up with this ten mistakes nice guys make; the main reasons ladies don’t want to stay with or date a nice guy even if he gives the lady everything in the world:

1. Nice guys seem fake : This may look confusing but being too nice to a lady makes a guy and the relationship look fake, sometimes the lady will also feel the guy is trying to lure her into a deep commitment and then change his attitude later and that scares ladies and freak them out.

2. Nice guys try too hard : Nice guys make ladies feel too important, like she’s a goddess or something close to that. They try too hard to please the lady, they often put aside their own needs for her and it scare ladies a lot

3. Nice guys seem desperate: When a guy shows too much affection to a lady and thereby paying little attention to himself, ladies see them as desperate, like his life depends on the lady and his success in life depends on the success of the relationship.

4. Nice guys don’t seem like they can protect themselves not to talk of the lady: Nice guys don’t seem like they can defend themselves, much less a woman. A lady want a guy she’ll feel safe and secure with, a guy that can protect and take care of her but a nice guy is too weak to protect himself not to talk of protecting his woman

5. Nice guys are predictable : A nice guy’s actions and reactions are like a Nollywood movie, you can predict the end from the first 3-5 scenes: so also a nice guy’s life has no fun, its been scripted, a straight path: they get married, have kids, go to work, retire. Women don’t want to add to that by dating a guy who is going to be so predictable they know his every move. Everyone likes a little
excitement and adventure. Women want to
know that they’re going to have fun with the
guy they’re with, not a guy who bores himself..

6. Nice guys seem like doormats : A nice guy is almost certainly a ‘yes man” everything goes with him, they are too weak for themselves, they can’t decide for themselves, not the cloth to buy or the watch they want, they put the lady in the drivers sit of their life and they hardly earn respect., always too scared to react to things that doesn’t favour them and when someone can’t take action for himself its a clear signals that the guy probably won’t stand up for his lady either.

7. Nice guys seem insecure : Nice guys
come across as so anxious to be liked and
accepted that you never know if they
actually like you or just want to be with you
because you actually paid attention to them.
Nice guys are easy to take advantage of and score freebies from. You teach people how to treat you, so if you act insecure and needy, people will treat you as such.
Insecurity on the part of a guy is a major turnoff.

8. Nice guys expect everybody to treat them nicely: Nice guys expect that because they treat every nice that people should respond to them in kind. But they often allow their own emotions and feelings to take a back seat, for the sake of other people, and when
other people don’t reciprocate, they play the
part of the victim. No woman wants to deal
with a guy with such mentality.

9. Nice guys are not a challenge : A nice guy will always be there for his lady whether she hurts him or offend him, they make it clear they’ll never leave so you don’t
bother to look good because you don’t think
it will even matter. Women want to be with
someone who is going to present a
challenge; it keeps the relationship on its
toes. It makes the relationship more

10. Nice guys don’t behave like men : Nice
guys think that by always asking for her
opinion they’re being sensitive, but many
times they’re just being annoying. Women
want a guy who can take charge and create a plan and make a decision. Always asking her to make a decision is irritating and makes you seem like you don’t have a pair of balls.

Am not telling guys to be harsh or treat ladies bad but too much niceness portrays a guy as weak, insecure and a bad choice for a relationship You have to like yourself, feel confident and be able to stand up for yourself.

Most women don’t truely want to date a bad boy except for the ‘exceptional cases”, ladies just want someone they’ll respect and will respect them in return not a ‘yes man” who is too weak for himself, women love a guy who treats them well, but they also love men with guts and the ability to speak up for themselves.

Women want to feel protected and know
that the guy they’re with will have their back,
no matter what. Saying that women don’t like
you because you’re a “nice guy” is a weak excuse, chances are it’s not simply because
you’re nice; it’s because you behave like a baby.


13 thoughts on “Why Ladies Don’t Date or Stay with Nice Guys

  1. After teaching ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ different lessons, ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ are now a don when it comes to ladies palaver. Nice one lo!

  2. Life is filled with problems, but to solve life’s problems you need to apply the lessons learnt but most people continually fail life’s test because they often answer different problem the same way, I have left that group. Thanx for reading

  3. Josh,Ɣ☺ΰ re emotionally mature now lol..nice write up.All the points enumerated are concise and well explained. I ciuldnt agree more. Kudos

  4. After reading this post on nice guys, i cannot help but to denounce this piece. Lets start off with number one

    -Nice guys “seem” fake
    If we were judging a book by its cover, then why would a nice guy waste his time with a girl who is going to judge his motif? Are real guys supposed to be blatantly womanizing? A nicer guy will always have commitment on the mind because he was raised by a couple that charished comitment. In a world full of empty relationships and one night stands, would it be so wrong to find a guy that will actually stay because he wants you and not necessarily the idea of a comitment? Thus leads to number 2.

    2. Nice guys try too hard
    Its the kind of judgment that nice guys fear from the women of interest that forces them to try a little harder. To prove that he is not a fake. To prove he is very much interested in you and wouldn’t waste his time if it werent so. Granted, there are self proclaimed nice guys that are persistently yearning for some sort of reward. there are also the womanizing douchebags that also make their way in getting a girls attention. This too, the nice guy has to compete with; To go the extra mile that he is not that kind of guy that “expects something in return”. He tries so hard just so he may have the chance for you to who he really is. And if its not your interest then he will move on. He respects and may even idolize women in such a way that he fears disappointment. This further explains 5,6,and 7
    5-7 Nice guys are insecure, predictable, doormats.
    Why denounce such a society, when they have always gotten a bad rap for decades? It is not a secret that nice guys give women such pertinence. And yet you belittle their exsistence like the cyber bully you are. But who am i to judge? I’m only targeting one person in question not women as a whole. That would be sexism. And with that in mind…

    Nice guys are too predictable, expect the person to be nice, and don’t behave like men.
    How are men supposed to behave? Because a nice guy is sensitive, don’t take charge, don’t have “balls” ? Is that what your ideal guy supposed to be? You a woman that can distinguish what all men should behave like in order to get a woman? Have you actually set feminism back by 30 years? Lets not forget 3 and 4
    Nice guys don’t “seem” desprate ,like they can’t protect.
    If i haven’t stressed this idea this far into my rant, NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. I appologise if you ran into a guy that was nice once, but you are not qualified to write this sub-par generalization about nice guys. If nice guys were truly that divoted to womenr that they put them on a pedistal, it would be secondhand nature for them to protect. And its not just because theyre nice, its the unspoken honor that man has bestowed upon since the begining of time. We are desprate because it be too much of a pain to do anything half-assed. But hey, maybe we’re a dying breed that are just long overdue to make way for a new age of guys. The douchebag and the ever-so popular badboy.
    Ladies, enjoy those “real” guys.
    A man who never gave a shit once cared too much.

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