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Inspiring Thoughts

Don’t hate your critics
They are the people that follow your works keenly
Without being drunk they tell you the truth

As long as you make an habit of leaving the rest after doing your best
You’ll only be successful but never be great

When you fail at something don’t blame anyone
Retreat and prepare all over again

Failure is not the worse thing that can happen to a man
Not trying at all and quitting are

Success is not meant only for some people
If you can pay the price success will be yours

When you fill your mind with regrets about yesterday and your thoughts about the fears of tomorrow
You’ll lose today and ruin tomorrow

Common sense is a punishment not a gift
You’ll have to deal with people that does not have it

Thinking twice before acting can save today and rescue tomorrow
Not thinking at all can destroy today, and wipe out tomorrow

You can’t build a house from the roof
Starting small is the only way to grow big

Doubting your ability is the first step towards failure
Believing in your self in the best preparation

You can’t change the past,
but you can ruin the present
by worrying over the future.

Whatever you make out of life
Is the output of your input into life itself

Love is strengthened by working
through conflicts together.

In whatever you do in life
Always strive to make a name for yourself first
Once you have a good brand name, money will chase you pants down

Lying requires updating
Truth doesn’t

You don’t need a hundred friends to be happy
One or two friends that can help achieve your dreams can give you a fulfilled life

Only you is responsible for your happiness
But its not complete until you share it with others

Love is the only thing that is complete
After it is given out

You can’t be successful when you always look for excuses

Money not invested does not grow
Ability not practised and refined soon will become useless

Strength does not come from winning
Your struggles develop your strengths

Talking and thinking big can not and will not make you successful
Hardwork, commitments and love for what you do will lead you to success

The best motivation is from within
Without being self motivated, the best motivational speakers are wasting their time

There is nothing like too much knowledge
But too much knowledge about useless things is a waste of brain space

Today is the best time to start planning towards your dreams
Tomorrow is 24hours too late

Failure is an orphan
Success attracts success and distractions, you can chose to continue being successful or be distracted

Success also comes with lots of enemies
Managing your enemies is an important requirement of staying successful

Keep your dreams Alive
Believe you are the best
Don’t limit yourself
Always be a first-rated version of yourself, instead
of a second-rated version of somebody else.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Hello my darling,
I need to ask you a question
That has been on my mind ever since we started
A question I always ask myself

I know you love me so much today
But love sometimes go cold with the passage of time
So I felt this is the best time to ask you this
And I hope you give me a sincere answer

Will you still love me tomorrow like you do today?
When things aren’t going as they should can I count on you?
When no one believes me will you stand for me
When I do annoying things will you stick with me?

Uncertainties of life may come someday
With it might come unbearable effects
But my heart shall know no sadness,
If you’ll love me tomorrow

We go through the streets of life together
Walking side by side always
Praying that nothing come between us
With each rising of the sun

Today we go through many issues
But somehow we still stay together
What if I do the unthinkable
Will you still love me tomorrow

As I go through this life
Striving to put my name on the sands of time
I would need someone to lean on
As I row through the ocean of life

Today you’re mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Today I can read love in your eyes
Will you still love me tomorrow?

I’ll like you to make me this promise
Which is worth more than gold to me
It is only this, my darling,
That you’ll love me tomorrow

The Worst Illiterate

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”.~Plato

The highest form of naivety and ignorance is refusal to participate in politics, and by so doing allowing those that get into political offices to ruin Nigeria and if it continues, they may ruin the future.

The effect of our continual avoidance of participation in politics has allowed the mismanagement of our economy and if nothing is done they will soon bleed our resources dry.
Those in power syphon public funds with reckless abandon to secure the future of their family and unborn generations while you and me continue to abstain from politics. The belief that our votes won’t count is the only way we successfully empower looters to win elections.

We need to realise that not participating in politics left the running of politics in the hands of rogues, thieves and greedy beings

According to Bertolt Brecht “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions.

The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.”

As long as we all excuse ourselves from politics our dear country will continue to be run by rogues; the people in government will continue to fill their pockets at the detriment of developing the economy. Its high time we all get involve in deciding who and what we want for this country;
the man who refuse to vote is not different from the man who sells his vote because both of them have succeeded in destroying Nigeria, though in different ways, in the same vein; the man who sells his vote is not different from the politician who syphon public funds, both are criminals.

Nigeria does not need political illiterates anymore, Nigeria needs you and me to stop being political illiterates, Nigeria needs all of us to save her; don’t abandon Nigeria when she needs you most, only if Nigeria experience peace will you be at peace, Get involve in the politics of Nigeria, don’t be a coward.

Getting yourself involved does not mean you have to contest for a political office rather it means you should contribute positively in making Nigeria great again, sensitize people on how to take our country from the thieves currently ruining it.
If the good people continue to avoid politics the bad will continue to govern us.

Don’t Be a Coward, Stop being the worst illiterate, Get involved, Nigeria needs you.

A Song For Mama

A song for my mama
A song for my true love
A song for my goddess
On her special day

On this special day mum
I celebrate your life
Being the extra ordinary woman you are
You have made a whole lot of differences

You turned a boy to a man
You raised two kids from boyhood

To Manhood

I could have grown up a gangster
But you led me to church

You kept me in church
And you made my life a good one
All my childhood memories
Are filled with the sweet things you did for me

You fell in love with me since you conceived me
And till date you never stopped loving me
The only woman who never broke up with me
Even when I do annoying things

During the days of my greatest depressions
During those days I felt I can’t do anything good
During those days I felt the world is against me
You stood by me, never made me feel alone

I celebrate your smart mothering
Your clever and creative methods
Of gently molding your beloved child into your vision of me:
I celebrate your boundless physical and emotional energy in loving me, leading and supporting me

On your birthday Mom,
I celebrate the best thing about my life…
Having you as my mother.
Without you my special, loving mom,
I would not be here.

Yes, I owe it to you, Mom.
Though we do fight once in a while
You never stopped believing in me
You never stopped loving me
When I succeed and when I fail
You never stopped encouraging me

You loved me and enriched my life,
And I’m so glad to have you in it!
There is no way I could pay you back mum
But I sure know what you deserve

Happy Birthday mum
Many Happy Returns to come
Hopefully your next birthday will be with your grandchild
I love you to bits Mama

Happy Birthday mama