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Nigeria; A Place Called Hope

“There’s no better place to search for hope than the future; a concept that gives everyone in existence a reason to live.” – Amy Newak

The present day Nigeria is arguably the hardest in our history, sad news everyday, impoverishing policies are been implemented and day by day our brothers and sister get killed on the road because of bad roads, by devilish blood thirsty humans or get blown apart by bombs, its a period we cry daily because of the untold hardship we suffer in our fatherland.

But long before now Nigerians have always suffered one problem or another, some chose to defect to other parts of the world in search of peace and greener pastures while those that couldn’t run away stay back here thinking about the day we’ll have the Nigeria of our dreams, the Nigeria we all can be proud of, a Nigeria devoid of blood thirsty and covetous politicians, a Nigeria that think about her citizens.

Some of those that defected got the greener pasture they seek but we should also think about those that died in the process of seeking greener pasture, those that ended up in Jail and those that suffer one form of injustice or another, most of those things our brothers and sister suffer abroad are those things they could have done here and still be free but they are 3rd class citizens where they are and they are treated as such.

The countries we are trying to defect to have all passed through difficult times, they faced many of the problems we are facing here today, through the periods of the greatest depressions they faced but they choose to stay and build their country, if they had defected in search of greener pastures elsewhere their country won’t be as developed as it is now that we all are attracted to it and we want to build our dreams there, though its getting tougher here with each rising of the sun but we must not give up the fight now, we have suffered long enough to go back now and you and me must make up our minds to build the Nigeria of our dreams.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”
We still need to believe that our dear country will reclaim its lost glory as the giant of Africa, hope and believe is all we need, then we all need to work together as one with unity of purpose to bring better days to Nigeria, its too late to give up on Nigeria now, we must see this to the end and enjoy the better days we all crave.

Better days is coming to Nigeria soon, but it won’t come out of sitting around all day complaining and criticising neither will it come if we spend the better part of our days at the American/Uk/Canada embassies, but it will surely come if and when we work towards it.
Better days will come Nigeria.