Archive | June 2013

Difficult Days

On difficult days When times are hard
And you feel like giving up
Try to look inside of you for strength
Because true strength comes from within

Remember a smooth road often leads to easy death
A straight road often leads nowhere
Every setback is another opportunity to try harder
With each failure comes a lesson

As long as you keep trying you are a winner
But once you quit trying you lose
Every difficult phase you go through builds your strength
But giving up kills hope

Always remember success is nobody’s birthright
And its also not for everybody
But as long as you keep pushing
Success will come to you someday

When faced with the most difficult situation
Always be positive about it
Most problems are as difficult as you make it look
But with a positive mind even the most difficult problems look easy

Its too late to give up on yourself
But its never too late to try harder
On those difficult days
Giving up is never an option