Nigerian politicians and the trust factor

The ruling party has shown beyond doubts that it is a party built to serve selfish interests using National wealth at the detriments of citizenry, after 14years which will be 16years come 2015, Nigeria is far worse than it was before the return to democracy and now it is the job of every soul in Nigeria to rescue our once great nation from them before they embezzle the future of our unborn children and leave them to spend their lives paying back the debts PDP borrowed in the name of Nigeria for their private use.

Several political parties most of which were PDP in different trade marks, have tried but failed to oust the dreaded PDP from National power but the new merger APC could be the party to get us away from the mental slavery PDP has subjected us to for many years.

True, the merging parties along with the good plans also merged their different challenges and problems, also we can’t rule out their own selfish interest from being a challenge to them and their greatest hurdle will surely be when its time to select candidates for their various positions.

When this alliance was formed, our hopes were raised that the merger could just be what we need to conquer the slavery party and give the youths some hope of a good future but APC make a big mistake when they allowed disgruntled PDP members join them, APC already have their own members with questionable pasts and we are willing to overlook their past but allowing PDP members  in their midst might portray them as not different from the party they want to oust.

What do young Nigerians want?

Now that the APC has been registered, ousting the present government is not enough, even if we succeed in ousting the PDP how are we so sure that the next party won’t unmask their leering monstrousness at us and let us trade in another path of purgatory?

The youths need people we can trust not those screaming for change when all they really want is a chance to loot their share of the national treasure, we’ve seen many partisan activists cloaking their selfish interests under the auspices of change movement just to realise their ambitions.

The APC is a good party formed with the interest of Nigerians at heart, young Nigerians want to see role models in power, not “loot models” that are so obsessed with having fat bank balances, we want people that will allow us be the leaders we were told we are.

A nation where education at all levels is given all the attention it needs and a lasting solution is provided to the incessant ASUU strike.

We want a nation where we can see ourselves as Nigerians first before any ethnic or religion, where the leaders see themselves as the leader of Nigeria and not the leader of a region or religious group as it is with the present administration.

We don’t want a nation where those without constitutional power believe they are more important than constitutionally elected officers and Nigerians won’t have to suffer on the road because those we elected are in town

A nation where the lawmakers earn modest salaries and not the outrageous salaries they currently earn for doing nothing.

Corruption has been a major problem for many years, we want to a nation where the fight against corruption is taken seriously and the
anti-corruption/electoral bodies are independent of the presidency.

Nigeria is the only country we can call our own and the revolution as been witnessed in Egypt is not really a solution for us (though if frustrated further than we already are we might revolt), this country is blessed with enough for us to stay in our country and live happily, we’ve endured the ills of PDP for 14years going to 16years, 16years is enough to suffer, 2015 is the time for the change we deserve and God willing we’ll effect the change with our thumbs and not our blood. God Bless Nigeria.

This article is not to discredit the PDP neither is it to praise the APC, rather it was written to make known what we crave, A POSITIVE CHANGE from top to bottom of power in Nigeria.


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