NIGERIA IN 2015: Our Fate, Our Fight.

By Amir-Abdulrahman JA
President District 11 Outreach Project (DOP)

After our open acceptance of Democracy in 1999, our thirst for change grew insatiable, we pieced up the various fragments left after the military regimes and entrusted our Nation into the hands of PDP.

In this period, the administration and political office holders failed to focus on improving an already rusting situation, instead they focused on sham projects and policies that lock the vast majority of Nigerians in poverty. PDP did not only disempower Nigerians by focusing and protecting their power base and political influence, they eerily created distractions to divert the attentions of Nigerians from seeing these problems and further fragment us based on our ethno-religious differences.

After the salt and preservatives of good governance had washed away in some sudden unforseeable monsoon, our democracy turned sour and tortured us with the misama of melancholy. In another episode came a man who scored a direct hit on the sympathy of Nigerians, majority saw him as the “Noah” that will sail our ark to the promise land, despite the chronicles of his atrocities and the history of his party’s ineptitude, Majority of Nigerians still wanted him in, oh why not? He made a pseudo-promise of a breath of fresh air coupled with other attractive packages and for him to have lived through life at a point with no shoes, then he must really understand what hardship and suffering really means. With time, reality gave us a cold frown, we realized those were fanciful campaign charades, guiles and a veneer of whammy packages to come with the last 2 years being the nadir of our democracy. We were betrayed by the man and his party.

A new merger party has surfaced, the APC, a merger of the three strongest opposition parties in Nigeria to colour the Nigerian political terrain in a new portrait, to challenge the hegemony in our democracy and put an end to the economic purgatory. They have come to bring an end to the power-thirsty, rapacious and brutal party, albeit they never mentioned all these, but these are the dreams and expectations of tired Nigerians, that come 2015, we will vote out PDP in unison and give APC a chance to save our collapsing Nation, but let’s not be quick to transport to 2015 as we still have to set the tracks straight and understand the gravity of our decision and the task ahead.

Firstly, to enunciate the truth, PDP is not just a party of blithe and ungodly politicians, it consists of the master riggers and master strategists, they hold the keys to the nation’s wealth houses, not forgetting the business tycoons and religious leaders who will trade their souls for them because of the immunity they enjoy.
They control the Armed Forces, the paramilitary, Secret Service and almost all government parastatals with a subdivison of cabals who are fautsianed to the party and are excellent in skull-duggeries. With the recent merging, they are perspicacious enough to know the cards are stacked against them, but these extremists will stop at nothing to destabilize Nigeria and create more confusion.
PDP is still the only party that understand Nigerians and has mastered even the underground patterns on how to stall us, they will never succumb to being effete and that their grip is effacing. No one wants to taste power and leave it.

To Oust PDP from office will require a lot more than a strong opposition party and mere banal routines of patriotism, it is going to require on the onset and more importantly a form of re-orientation that should involve the demolition of the fences that fragments us as Nigerians and for us to unite and fight together as one single, impregnable entity.

Let Nigerians not hasten to hip our hopes and trusts on the so-called APC, Let’s not be quick to dabble into their succour, let’s not forget so fast how we were manoveured and betrayed in the past, let’s not forget how we were smiled at in the begining and afterwards left to witness the unleash of leering monstrousness. As we prepare for 2015, let us come together and fight against tribalism, nepotism and regionalism. We have to reshape our Nation with the tools of Nationalism and patriotism, only then have we taken the first pragmatic step in preparation for the task ahead in 2015.

We have PDP-runaways in APC and with time, we will see more of them dumping PDP for the APC that will be inevitable as they will try to convince Nigerians that they are epitome of political flexibility but take a catfish from the river and put it in an aquarium near the forest and you will still have a catfish. We have to be on our guards for them.

As we prepare for 2015, Let every Nigerian know that to liberate Nigeria we must put her first and forget our religious / tribal differences, Let’s not be quick to forget our past, our troubles, our sufferings, our sadness, our pitfalls, because either ways we are a single entity. Let us prepare for the battle to reclaim our Nation, Let us prepare to make Nigeria great again, although success may not be guaranteed but we must advance towards the path that will re-shape Her positively in the future. SO HELP US GOD!

4 thoughts on “NIGERIA IN 2015: Our Fate, Our Fight.

  1. There is more to this Naija issue than kicking out PDP. Our politics here is bereft of ideology and principle. Polilooters decamp without thinking twice. We need to rise up and demand better from them from the local govt level to the federal level.

    God help Naija.

  2. your piece encapsulates our present travail. But what choice do we have? Which is the lesser of these two evils- PDP & APC-?

    • The days of the devil you know is better than the unknown angel is over, 16years is enough to stay with a devil but we also need to be careful about APC, my post on saturday will ask APC some important questions. Thank you for reading

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