PDP and Corruption: Nigeria and APC!!!

Now the APC has been registered and for the first time it seems the ruling party won’t have it easy in the next election which is a good omen for our country and our democracy. Congratulations to Nigeria and Nigerians, at last we’ll be experiencing a vibrant democracy where there is strong competition.

The APC will either make the PDP start performing and show Nigerians why the party deserve to stay beyond the next election or help them out of office come 2015 if they fail to earn our votes in the next general elections which at this moment is most likely.

Corruption is a big issue in Nigeria and unless there is a change of ideology it will bring our economy to a halt one day, corruption is one of the main reasons Nigerians want the PDP out of government because it is a party swimming in corruption and any party that wants to replace the PDP must be very serious about reducing or killing corruption in Nigeria.

The APC is a party of people that have been in position of power in this country before and they sure know what they need to do to curtail the menace of corruption, as we know PDP members are already cross-carpeting to APC which really is something I don’t agree with.

Allowing PDP members join APC is like Pouring water into a bottle of gin, there won’t be any difference until it is tasted, though people might think it is gin but once tasted, the truth will be known, most PDP members should be facing corruption charges once they are out of office for the frauds they’ve committed while in office, for a party that is aware of that, fighting corruption must be one of the first three things they must do if they succeed in ousting the PDP come 2015, allowing PDP members should not be on the cards for them at all.

So my questions to APC are;

1. If the PDP members that joined APC are guilty of any offense while they were still with PDP, will they be made to answer for it?

2. Won’t allowing PDP members in their midst show how unserious the APC will be about fighting corruption?

3. If APC succeed in 2015, how are we sure, it won’t be the case we had in the past where Anarchy wore too faces, “The creator” in the beginning and the “Destroyer” in the end?

For the sake of Nigeria and the next generation I hope and pray that the APC knock out PDP come 2015 and also succeed in making Nigeria a less corrupt nation, but will the ambitions of the APC members allow the party live to see 2015? Can they do better? What will the APC do differently? Only time and opportunity can answer these question.

14 thoughts on “PDP and Corruption: Nigeria and APC!!!

  1. I know u have heard the phrase, ‘the revolution will not be televised’.

    Nigerians are all waiting for the revolution that will save nigeria to be televised, posted on a blog, tweeted, etc. Including myself.

    The APC, PDP and every other party that comes out are all thieving miscrants.

    I do not trust any one of them. To truly cause a change, u do not need to become president, governor, etc.
    All u need to do is be a good individual, ignite good in ur society and good will manifest all around.

    The issue is not a governmental issue. It is an issue that has eaten into the souls of each individual in this country. U wil notice that every individual has a deep-seated corrupt mentality in him (whether we like it or not).

    We all did SET THEORY in school. The universal set is the entire nigerian population. Its divided into subsets of the government and the governed.

    The government is perpetually selected from a universal set of deeply and unconsciously corrupt people.

    It is innevitable that the government that will be selected in 2015 will be even more corrupt than present.

    A problem never subsides when its left alone. It only increases. We have left the universal set(which is the real problem) and we have gone to attack the subset. Talk about misplaced priority.

    Good news: There’s is still a soplution. Let every one of us use every medium we can utilise to enlighten the univeral set out of corruption. Its not going to be easy and it will take a long time but it will be worth it in the end.

    Let us not waste energy on individuals in government that are not the core issue.

    Start with you.
    Focus this energy on you. Focus on being good, ignite good in ur society and good will manifest all around and ultimately show up in the government.

    God bless Nigeria!

    • I praised the registration of APC because for the first time we are having a competitive democracy which is good for our nation, we seriously need a change of hands in Nigerian politricks, PDP has failed for 16years, the devil we know is seriously choking us, if you read previous articles on my blog you’ll see that am indifferent to APC and my political hatred for Tinubu is a known fact. We can’t get it right immediately but it must start with change in the hands and ideology.

      APC started on the wrong foot, they believed they can only make change if they rule which is wrong, Nigerians are becoming more enlightened and the gospel of change is spreading faster, we can’t lose hope now, we can only believe.

      Aftermath of real revolution is worse that what if was aimed at changing

  2. Nice article…enjoyed reading it; I’ll comment with exercpts from my soon to be published work.

    —I still maintain my line of thought that both the APC and PDP do not have anything concrete to offer us.

    The two parties still consist thieves, thugs, corrupt men and women.

    Most importantly, PDP has been in power for more than 10 years now without a definite ideology, without a mapped out blue print for development…that’s the same line APC is following. We’ve not heard how they intend to change what PDP has done, I don’t see any difference between the parties.

    We are only happy that at least, there is a party strong enough to kick out the PDP. As they say ‘when you are hungry, a badly cooked food becomes delicious’.

    I’ll end this verbal tirade with a line from one of my role models in the field of Journalism, Abimbola Adelakun (Backpage of Thursday Punch). According to her, a win for either PDP or APC is a loss for the masses…

    Be +ve…we shall overcome.

    • Am not in love with APC but the devil we know is choking us to death, yes APC are not better but the competition is good for our nation, the gospel of change and enlightenment is also spreading faster, Nigeria will get there.

  3. My question is, ‘Will wine change its name when presented in varied bottles?’ I suppose no! Politicians are the same in nigeria irrespective of their political affiliation. If you’re privileged to see the way and manner the big-wigs of the so proclaimed APC amazed wealth in a couple of years back, you’ll be sorry for their backers! Me, I hate politics but I like good governance. I like a government that ‘ll create even opportunities for all! Not to the very few aristocrats. I bet you’ll be disappointed in APC eventually.

    • I was never in love with APC and am still not until Tinubu is made to explain the source of his wealth, but I am happy that there is competition for the next election, the devil we know is choking us to death, APC is not the solution but could be the stepping stone to the change we really want.

  4. I got more miserably confused as soon as news of APC registration hit the airwavbes.WHY? it became clear that a compromise was in the offing and the masses are no better for that. APC I maintain is not a superior altarnatives to the seeming thieving menace of PDP. The people who constitute either parties are one and the scion of a stock merely oscilating the branches of a familiar terrain,called Nigeria..

  5. Some people prefer to sit on the fence and throw their stone at convenience. APC is sure not going to solve the Nigeria’ problem,but the competition and change of power can be promising… We see it already in the state level where state governments wants to beat other states to infrastructural development and investment. APC or whatever party do I care less, but anything great enough to face the abject darkness ruling us as a nation should be given a chance. I guess they deserve more than that when we decide to be objective in reasoning.

    • The APC sure deserve a chance at power, at least it affords us a much need change but why allow PDP members in their midst?
      APC also recently invited President Jonathan to the party which shows they are confused and don’t really know where to start.

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