Our Culture Of Rewarding Madness In Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation where bad deeds are rewarded with applause and high praises, offences and deeds normally punishable in every other parts of the world are often treated with flagrant impunity and rewarded with jumbo contracts, amnesty or scholarships here.

A nation serious about curbing crimes and other vices will make scapegoats of anybody and everybody found wanting, anybody that violate the laws of the land whether written or otherwise. Laws are designed to maintain stability and balance in any society ergo it has to be obeyed and any society where there is a break down of law and other will be in ruins and chaos in no time

Negotiating with law breakers and criminals no matter their intent is an act any serious government should never consider, and in a situation where negotiation is the only possible option it shouldn’t be done in all sincerity because if the terms are fully implemented it will send negative signals; either portraying the administration as weak or the nation as vulnerable to any threats.

When you negotiate with the devil, you’ll always be at its mercy and the devil will always haunt you because instead of crushing it you offered peace to someone who won’t hesitate to crush you at any given opportunity.

We should ask ourselves these questions;

1. The amnesty given to the niger delta militants, did it achieve its aim?

2. Did amnesty solve or postpone the problems in Niger Delta?

3. What will happen when the payment stops?

4. For how long will Nigeria continue to pay for peace?

5. If Boko Haram accepts amnesty, will that stop another terrorist group from rising?

The main point of this article is not to discuss the issues of Boko Haram or Militants, rather it is to draw our attention to the rising culture of rewarding and applauding bad deeds in Nigeria:

The stowaway kid was recently rewarded with a scholarship, is that the right thing to do? If this kid is rewarded for exposing the lapses in our security, why should the 25year old man caught trying to do the same thing be punished? What does that say about us as a nation, if we reward the first offender but punish the 2nd offender of the same offence, where is the consistency in our justice delivery system? a nation that delivers different judgements to two people that committed same offence is seriously not consistent and shows how weak the administration of such nation is, if we don’t deliver justice the way it should be done, there will be increasing cases of law breaking and the reward given to the stowaway kid will surely send a negative message to other kids, they’ll surely grow up with the message that they can break the law and get rewarded and why not, if my mate is rewarded for acting bad why shouldn’t I receive similar reward.

In 3 years Nigerian government has amassed huge cuts on security alone and these are due to the accumulation of simple grass root crimes that were not met with swift and aberrant approach.

The continuous breakdown of law and order in this country is as a result of how we respond to crimes and until we start acting right, there might never be any reward for the huge yearly budgets on security which continuously affect other areas.

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