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How America might be responsible for Boko Haram Activities in Nigeria

For once let’s consider other possibilities for the emergence of Boko Haram and the continuous growth of their Arsenal, let’s look beyond Islam and the greediness of Northern elders, as much as we can’t rule both out, for now let’s look beyond them.
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Truly, He Doesnt Give a Damn

Defending President Jonathan is actually the hardest job or hobby in the world right now because he’s a man not worthy to be defended or supported, he makes it hard everyday for any human with a functioning brain and conscience to even think of defending him.

Though we can’t blame him for all that has happened in Nigeria since he became the President in acting capacity and as the elected president but we must as well blame him for his ‘snail-like response’ or non-response to problems in Nigeria, Nigeria has changed from being the giants of Africa to the clown of Africa, though he’s not singularly responsible for that but his contribution to achieving that feat is immense and he’s still doing more to even take us further as the most dangerous black nation in the world, don’t even think about the GDP rebasing, the average man on the street won’t feel its impact and only a secure nation will attract investors.

From unguarded statements to dance of shame, its clear for even the blind in Nigeria to see that truly this man doesn’t give a damn, some Nigerians were murdered in Yobe state last year and instead of staying back to bring the perpetrators to book he choose to travel for a conference in Brazil because he wants to make a statement and show the world and indeed those committing these crimes that they can’t stop the government from functioning, weeks ago he went for a rally in kano while over 200 girls were kidnapped ‘under his watch’, a serious/competent president will want to know how terrorists were able to operate in a state under the emergency rule but instead he chose another dance of shame, one would have expected him to at least pretend that he cares (though we know he doesn’t give a damn) and cancel the rally/birthday party but he didn’t because he want to clearly show the criminals and those against his government that they can’t stop his government from functioning.

For every problem he has no interest in solving he create committees but a committee 18days after the chibok girls were kidnapped shows one thing and one thing clearly that our president has other important issues to deal with like rallies, campaigns, dance of shames and other important issues that will guarantee his reelection in 2015 and if not for the protests of Nigerians and the international communities he won’t even create a committee at all, and its clear that the girls will still spend more days in the den of kidnappers because until the committee submits their reports nothing will be done, I might be wrong here but how else can you explain his silence for so long, a normal leader would have at least pretend to care and address the nation but he doesn’t, because he doesn’t think those girls are eligible to vote in 2015 anyway so they can’t help achieve his second term ambition.

In conclusion, its safe to say we have a selfish robot with no feelings as our leader in Nigeria and he doesn’t care what we think about him as long as his ambitions are realized in 2015, though the opposition is also not good enough but how will the citizens that are afraid to go about their normal activities and business because of his incompetence come out to vote and re-elect him in 2015?

Dear President, improve security in Nigeria and you might just increase your chances of not losing scandalously in 2015