How America might be responsible for Boko Haram Activities in Nigeria

For once let’s consider other possibilities for the emergence of Boko Haram and the continuous growth of their Arsenal, let’s look beyond Islam and the greediness of Northern elders, as much as we can’t rule both out, for now let’s look beyond them.

Its all over the news that Boko Haram get funds from abroad and with the prediction of America, I think its only right that we consider the role America might have played and what they could have done or are doing to make sure their prediction is fulfilled.

1. America predicted that Nigeria will break in 2015 and 7months to 2015 they are on Nigerian soil helping us to solve a problem.

2. How did America know that Nigeria will break up be 2015 if not that they've already put everything in place to ensure we break up.

3. Why is America here to help rescue kidnapped girls but they are not in Central African Republic where people have been dying like flies daily since 2013.

4. Boko Haram might not be 100% American operation but America can't deny their involvement

5. If you want someone to trust you, solve a problem for them, if there's no problem, create a problem and solve it

6. It seems America created Boko Haram, then they'll solve it, gain our trust then make us break up peacefully or forcefully

7. American presence on our soil will leave a bitter after taste and regrets, every country they helped turn for the worse

8. You predicted that my home will break and you move in 7months to the date you predicted? why are you here if not to fulfil your predictions, America is here to fulfill their prediction.

9. Add everything they predicted and what they're doing and you'll see their involvements in the problems we have in Nigeria

10. They predicted our break up in an election year that promised to be everything but peaceful and 9months b4 elections they are here.

11. Human beings are dying daily in CAR yet America is not helping to bring peace to the country but they want to help kidnapped girls

12. There is a wikipaedia document leaked years ago that exposed Boko Haram as a CIA op in Nigeria.

13. Boko Haram uses American Marine grade weapons, where are they getting them from?

14. Boko Haram leaders are well trained in using these weapons and the internet which means there are not illiterates, who trained them?

15. And if Boko Haram decide to take their reign of terror beyond the North there are only 2 possible outcomes;
a) Civil war
b) Breaking up of Nigeria
And whichever of these 2 options that come first it will lead to the other and Americas' prediction is fulfilled

These are points that clearly link America to the atrocities and violence here, and if you think they've not put everything in place to make sure their prediction is fulfilled then you need to wake up, America know what they are saying and if it won't happen peacefully they will use every means they have to ensure it happen violently, the most populous black nation in the world is a threat to America.

Only our unity can help us, but if we continue to play the blame game and continuous show of greediness then it will be easy for America to penetrate us and remember we are already a weakened nation.

God Bless and Help Nigeria. Amen

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