Pres Buhari: Leadership Is Responsibility

“People desire change when things aren’t going exactly how they expect, but what there is the need for change when things are working out as planned” -‎ Anonymous
The 2012 fuel subsidy removal convinced Nigerians that the Goodluck Jonathan Administration is not in anyway bringing any goodluck to Nigerians anytime soon and the inability to conquer the Boko Haram sect was the final nail in GoodLuck Jonathan’s Presidential coffin, since then Nigerians have been waiting endlesssly to vote out the man and his ‘elitist’ party and the 2015 election results was a clear reflection of what Nigerians have abore in their minds for long.

President Buhari rode to power on the promise to always lead from the front and ‎take responsibility for anything and everything that goes wrong in the country while he leads, the issue of insecurity and corruption were top of his promises, that he’d ensure they’re reduced to the barest minimum, based on what he was able to do in 1984, but since he came to power President Buhari has refused to either lead from the front nor take responsibilities for his many failings.

‎Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. – Mitt Romney‎

President Buhari, his Party and fans have always found a way to blame hi‎s predecessor for every problem he encounters, though he was very aware of the massive problems facing Nigeria while promising to be the best thing that happened to us since GSM, he’s never accepted that the continuous problems are a result of his actions and mostly inactions.

On security he blamed his predecessor for not acquiring weapons to fight Boko Haram while he’s yet to buy as little as one bullet to add to the arsenal of the Nigerian Army, his minister of Information went further by saying his predecessor bought fake/outdated/refurbished weapons for the military, a claim that has been rejected by the Nigerian Army, but has anyone bothered to ask why President Buhari himself has so far failed to procure any weapon in the continuous fight with the terrorist sect and instead choose to lie to Nigerians and the world that Boko Haram has been ‘Technically Defeated”‎ with same non-existing / outdated weapons? His bravado statement of ‘Technical Victory’ not only energised the sect to do more damages, it did put civilians at risk and the result is what we’ve witnessed in IDP camps, Dalori and Adamawa.

The lies and many denials that have trailed the 2016 budget has also shown that President Buhari is a man that’ll rather blame others for his mistakes instead of doing what good leaders do. The Budget was submitted with so much embellishments and self praises yet same budget was ‘stolen’, found and ‘edited’ without the President accepting responsibilities for the errors in the Budget he presented to the National Assembly.

After going through the budget Nigerians discovered so many errors, duplications and wastages in the budget, this has been on for some days now and instead of staying home to address the budget issues that has ‎been causing so much tension in the country he decided to go on a vacation and his fans and ministers have blamed everyone even going as far as blaming ‘Rats’ but the man that submitted the budget is yet to be blamed neither has the man himself take responsibility. His fans, minister and Party go as far has blaming the people retained from past government but what does this endless search for who to blame say about the man responsible for the Budget presentation? The continuous excuses and shopping for who to blame has so far portrayed the man has clueless and irresponsible, how can he present a budget he didn’t read through, how can he present a budget whose figures are been denied daily?

Good leaders don’t shop for who to blame and they don’t allow anyone shift blame from them because they take responsibility when they make mistakes/fail and when they get it right people praise them without their asking for it. It’s time the President start taking responsibility for happenings in his government and country because ………..‎”Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility . . . . In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have is the ability to take on responsibility.”
— Michael Korda

If the President want to be remembered as a success and as the man that changed the ailing fortunes of Nigeria, he needs to start leading, take responsibility and stop blaming everyone but himself, especially his predecessor, because in the blame game, nobody wins and it often ends in failure.

“Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.”
— George Washington Carver‎