In The Mind Of A Writer.

I often wonder what goes on in the mind of a singer when their emotion, so raw and so tangible.
Are they thinking of their next song, next concert or the next album release, Perhaps a painful memory? or a joyful one. I can’t help but think
though, that they don’t think of anything.

It often starts with looking at what goes on around them, making beats in their heads and most times picking up a pen to write the song down

As a writer, to get even a tiny bit close to that. To
have my words command your senses; hold you by
your nostrils. Seep into your ears and pump through
your veins… The difficulty I experience in
attempting to articulate my thoughts and emotions
as vividly as a musician get to make music, as I to words. To have my audience smell the sweat and see every drop of hope; every, inexplicable heart-tugging emotion, just the way I do. I want to breathe my very essence into a pen, like a musician does to song. It helps me escape the cage of my skull. It haunts me, it taunts me…inspires all that is within me.
Writing is my love and passion.