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Life Is Good

Never rue a day in your life, Because everything that happens in a day is part of the necessary steps that needs to be taken to form the future, each day comes with its blessing and disappointments; both are necessary to make you understand what life is all about.

Never hate or blame the people in your life, they all are like actors in the movie of your life, each with a specific role to play, roles you can’t play by yourself, but must be played by others;
You cant break your heart by yourself Neither can you date yourself, those that break your heart and those that fall in love with you play the roles of teachers, they are in your life to teach you that life is not as bad as you feared neither is it also as good as you thought.

There are many other role that you cant play by yourself but by those around you which is the reason they are in your life in the first place.

Never regret what you did in the past, it was exactly what you wanted to do at the time you did it, but because it did not turn out in your favour does not mean you should live the rest of your days regretting and more importantly because it was your decision to do it then, if it wasn’t your decision you wont regret but challenge it. So instead of regretting it you should learn from it and make use of the lesson and move on.

Never be scared to take a step in your life because its what will shape your future, rather becareful because one wrong step could be the beginning of the end or the beginning of good things to come in your life.

Whatever happens in life, never give in to regret, rather you should refresh and move on because nobody will pass through life without life passing through such person.

The ups and downs are very important to our existence, it is what keeps us going.

Nobody promised us that life will be easy, life can’t be a bed of roses because it is the taste of failure that makes victory sweet.

No matter the situation you find yourself, just remember Life Is Good