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The Economics of LOVE

Economics is the social science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and …….. personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. … as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses .

The laws of economics are closely related to how most of us think about love, how we reciprocate in a market of love. About 90% of economics laws are based on assumptions and
taking all things as constant.

So, to start with let’s consider the laws of economics as it applies to love.

The Marxian Analysis : This states that the society is based on two things, the economic base and the super structure (all other things in society). The super structure is depended on the economic base. In other words, the whole story of finding and keeping love is dependent on your financial power.
The law of supply of love states that the higher the money supply the higher the supply of love (getting a beautiful babe), i.e., money is directly related to love.
Similarly, the law of demand of love states that the higher the price (the amount of money a boy needs to spend), lower is the demand for that girl, as even though many people want to date but don’t have the means to get her.

However, there the law of diminishing marginal utility works; it works in the either way for the parties in love. Utility is nothing but the psychological satisfaction derived. The law of diminishing marginal utility, states that more and more of a thing we get, the intensity of our desire for that thing tends to diminish. Once, a boy start spending more and more, at a point the satisfaction the girl was getting from the gifts gets diminished. Similarly, once a boy start getting more from the girl after a point he will not get the satisfaction he earlier used to get.
So, it is equally important for both the parties to maintain a balance otherwise the fun would soon be over.

Money plays an important role in love because ladies love money. There are 4 major four of love which determines your level of success in love and they are as follows:
K – Money
P – Physical attributes,
I – Intelligence,
C – Level of creativity

There is a direct relationship between the physical inputs (K, P, I, C) and outputs (mental and physical benefits. This functional relationship is known as production function of love. The law of return will explain the change in output as a result of change in input.

Law of Diminishing Return: In a short run relationship, more employment of variable input (spending) can ultimately led to lesser output or the marginal benefit diminishes. As one of the factors may be changed (money) in a short run, other factors (suppose your muscles) may not be changed, so spending (K) too much may not improve the boy’s chance of getting better benefit. This may happen due to the efficient
combination is falling out, (you have to spend more to hide your physical or other deficiencies) or may be your quantity of fixed factors have become less compared to your variable factors (your physical attribute is so low, that you might have to spend more than what you have spent earlier to impress her, by this time she must have known your weak point but you are helpless.) As, both must have the same level of satisfaction and there is compromise between the two. Once, both have started seeing each other and dating, and you have already started investing,let’s explain the cost-benefit analysis of this relationship from a boy’s psychology and insight.

• A boy spends money on a girl as a capital investment to reap profit in future.
• The more is the spending on good capital resources (gifts and expensive dates) better is chance of getting good output or profit.
• The time one spend, feel good and gets excited is what the break-even point of love, if one is not finding minimum level of satisfaction for his spending he is actually making loss, and would not like to continue the relationship.
• The moment you get a kiss is what you have started making profit.
• The moment you get into her, is what you have started making super-normal profit and hit the
• And if you could not succeed, it is your bad- debt. The whole investment on capital was a wrong calculation and lack of efficient management. Let’s try the luck somewhere else.
Now, let’s analyse what going on in a girl’s mind and why they love money more than anything.
• A girl thinks that the boy must be economically sound and can prove to be a good hubby in
future (economically sound).
• More spending shows that his capability to maintain her lifestyle in future.
• Mental satisfaction is the main thing, the girl thinks her break-even point of love, she feels
good but also the amount of gifts obtained plays an important role.
• When a girl gets emotional, she might give a kiss or might be having a plan to get more gifts
from you. Girls are too complex to understand.
It’s like a gamble you might hit the jackpot or be debt ridden.
• This is where, emotions plays a lot than money but it matters as well. Love for boys is a means to achieve sex which is the ultimate goal. But girls think sex as a means to achieve stronger relationship as a goal. She might give you a chance, when she feels financially safe and secure from your side.
• He was just a fool, she played the way around. She gets “I am the winner” feeling.
Now she will try another fool who can pay her bills.
The Micro – Loveconomics.