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Am Done Solving For x & y

Xa² + y +8 [(x + 2y a² = a-z] + 2x a³ + (- 2z = 2.4z) + 10y – 5Z a³= X – 9y…
Solve for x, y & z.

Am Done solving for x & y:
The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is growing at an alarming rate, yet every year higher institutions send thousands of graduates into the labour market, to search for jobs that are not available, while some
succeed in getting employment others aren’t so lucky and they become menace to the society because they couldn’t find a job and they were never taught how to create a job for themselves and others.
All through our academic lives we were only taught how to solve for x and determine y, to solve equations that are not applicable to real life situations instead of being taught how to solve for money, but when we leave school those that are lucky to be employed are never asked to solve for x or determine y, in most cases they have to go through another training entirely before they start working but those that aren’t so lucky to get employed find it difficult to create a source of livelihood for themselves because they were never taught how to solve for money and its affecting the society and the economy at large. Maybe the school curricula should be changed, maybe it should be adjusted to give room for lectures and courses on how to solve for money because right now am done solving for x and y, I need to solve for money but I was never taught how in all the years I spent in school.