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Letter To My Unborn Child

My letter to my unborn child
My yet to be conceived best friend
Am yet to know whether you are male or female
But I know you are somewhere in heaven
Patiently waiting for me to bring you into this world

I put you in my prayer everyday
Each day I wake up brings you close to me
And am hoping to hold you very soon
Please don’t be angry ’cause of the delay in bringing you to the world
It was never my plan to delay you for too long

The uncertainty of the world changed my plan
Moreover the search for your mother was not an easy task
Dated different tribes
Met all kinds of girls
Being through so many disappointments

Being through many heartbreaks
Patched my heart so many times
But I found someone who could be your mother
We planning good things for you

Every night before I sleep
I wonder what your name will be
The school you’ll attend
I strive to give you the best

The best of the things I never had
Didn’t had so much growing up
Struggled through the hood
Through elementary to university
Never had the best of things

But its an assurance
A sure assurance
I’ll make sure I give you the best of things
The very best available
Which is why am hustling hard

But wait,
I have some words of wisdom
Which I feel I must impart
Remember these words always
And keep them in your heart

Dishonesty is bad
Never use it to get by
Always tell the truth
No matter the circumstance

Always love your woman/man
Keep her/him first in your life
And she/he will always be there,
To kiss away your strife
Always respect him/her,
Be the best thing in his/her life

Enjoy this thing called life
Don’t live it cold and bland
Close your eyes and take a leap,
Never do anything without proper planning and thinking

Try not to lose your temper
It’s really no big deal
But my daughter/son if you must fight
Do it for something real and just

Take the time to listen
To what people have to say
And don’t forget to smile;
It could brighten someone’s day

Education is key
Acquire it to the highest level
It will open doors for you
And you’ll liberate many souls

Never be a miser
Neither should you be a spendthrift,
Be a cheerful giver
’cause blessed is the hand that giveth

Try to live with patience
Do it the best you can
Stand up for those who can’t
Always fight for justice

Always be a leader
Step forward never hide
Put yourself out there
And they’ll stand by your side

These things I hope you learn
Someday you’ll come to find
But for now they’re just a dream
Tucked away inside my mind

My child
I truly love you
Though your face I’ve never seen
But I do love you

Now and forever
Everyday that comes between me and you
I know you are closer to me than ever.

These are my words to you
My unborn best friend
I love you child