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How America might be responsible for Boko Haram Activities in Nigeria

For once let’s consider other possibilities for the emergence of Boko Haram and the continuous growth of their Arsenal, let’s look beyond Islam and the greediness of Northern elders, as much as we can’t rule both out, for now let’s look beyond them.
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Boko Haram; A Misconception of Islam

Before one can begin to take a stand on “Islam” and “Terrorism”, it is significant to understand the enomity of these two divergent terms, albeit we have to agree that these two terms have become inextricably interwoven in this zeitgeist, and the media has contributed enomoursly to the complexity of trying to understand the nature of the problem, but it is only fair for one to understand Islam’s stance on terrorism and inorder to do this one must refer to its original sources, the Quran and Hadiths (the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him) which are explicit in their prohibition of any form of injustice and skull duggery including that of wanton violence which seeks to instill fear, injury or death to (innocent) civilians.

On that account the Quran clearly states in chapter 5 verse 32 that: “We ordained for the Children of Israel (Believers) that if any one slay a person – (unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land) – it would be as if he slayed the whole mankind: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole mankind” , the verse did not specify “Muslim” or “Christian” but Mankind, that is to say Allah (God) does not take delight in transgression against one another irrespective of Religion, Race or Ethnicity. Another verse reveals: “Whether We shall show thee (within thy life-time) part of what we promised them or take to ourselves thy soul (before it is all accomplished), – thy duty is to make (the Message) reach them: it is Our part to call them to account. Q 13:40

But if they turn away, thy duty is only to preach the clear Message. There are several verses that aligns to the above like: Q 88: 21-22, Q 17:54, Q:24:54 and so many others. These verses clearly points out that as a Muslim, it is only your duty to preach and remind and not to compel or coerce anyone to adopt your religion either by violence or by subjecting them to hypocritical kindness.

Another verse goes on to explain that if Allah so wish, He would have made the world one religion, but it is His will for us to be created this way. Q 10: 99-100

The reason for providing the background information here is to enable us come to grip with the sophisticated nature of the problem and understand what we are dealing with, it is also believed that this should help whoever that believes in the synonymity of these two morally opposite concepts to clear up their vague assertions.

First and foremost, it is very necessary to note that Islam is not a religion of sects, it is a religion that seeks to regulate lives from which values can be derived. Islam as a word means “peace” and Muslims are expected to uphold this virtue in all aspects of life, on that note we can clearly assert that the brutal killings and attacks on the lives and properties of innocent people in the northern part of Nigeria under the guise of Islam is unIslamic, unjustifiable, UnGodly and barbaric.

This sect tagged “Boko Haram” which literarily translates into “western education is a sin” have disguised political themes under the auspices of religion, they have come to cause mayhem and shake the very core of our economy and society, perpetrating all sorts of immoral acts claiming a propagandized war against Western Education and Christians of which a meticulous approach of the subject reveals that their cowardly acts are aimed at intimidating, dividing and causing despondency among Nigerians. It makes it very important for us to point out the several incontestable facts that these acts of cruelty is not justified by Islam and neither is it a northern course. One of the prayers of any true Muslim is written in Quran 20 Verse 114:”My Lord! Enrich me with knowledge. How is it that the same religion that ordained us to pray for knowledge counters its own self by telling us “Western Knowledge or Education is a sin”? of course there is an obvious contradiction here. One of the Hadiths of the Holy Prophet states “Wisdom and knowledge are things that the believer lacks. He should take them “wherever” he finds them.”(Tirmidhi, Al-Ilm) futhermore, the pursuit of knowledge and the use of reason, based on sense and observation is made obligatory on all believers because Islam is a religion that encourages research and constant acquisition of knowledge for us to fit into the society. However Islam only limits us on using our acquired knowledge for the good of humanity and to fulfil our salvation to our creator.

If Islam is against acquiring western Knowledge then one should sight examples of foremost Islamic scientists in the 14th century who colored the European civilization at a time when Europe was considered a dark continent: Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi considered in some cases to be the father of Algebra, Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Kathīr al-Farghānī who was said to be involved in measuring the diameter of the earth, these are few amongst many. To further crown this point, In this zeitgeist one of the most renown Islamic Orator in the world, Doctor Zakir Naik is a surgeon, sighting more examples from the north where this group of people claim to hail from, we have Prof. Attahiru Jega (Political Science), Prof. Ruqayatu Rufai (Education), Prof. Abdullahi Mustapha (pharmacy), Professor Sheikh Dangi (Accounting), Prof. Ango Abdullahi not to mention those in politics: Aminu Tambuwal (Law), Mallam Nasir El-Rufai (Quantity Survey, Law and Public Admin), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu (Law), Sanusi Lamido (Economics), Shamsudeen Usman (Economics) and not forgetting Mrs Aloma Maryam Mukhtar (Law). All these men and women of accolades are popular not for proclaiming Islamic Knowledge alone but for excelling in western education mostly from northern universities and standing in mainstream politics.
Let us also bring to our cognizance that Kaduna State alone houses Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State University, Kaduna State Polytechnic, Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic, College of Aviation, National Institute of Transport Technology amongst many and as far as education is concerned , these institutions are renowned for conventional education. If Boko was Haram, then how did all these institutions find their way to the north?.

The Governor of Kano, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has recently thrown it to the world that “Boko is not Haram” by introducing a free education project for the people of the state from the primary to tertiary level and it is important to note that this form of education is not only Islamic but conventional having realised that if we don’t educate ourselves, how do we understand that the bloody and tyrannous killings cloaked as Jihad is unIslamic and outdated and now is the era of contemporary Jihad that requires intellects and verbal jousting.

More so, the “heroic” acts of Boko Haram and Shekau will not in anyway contribute to a religion that has already been in existence for centuries and stood through the worst moments, his actions are as hysterical as trying to make an ocean sugary, He is only making the Islamophobia grow stronger amongst the ignorant and It is also glaring that some politicians use this as a bludgeoning point to serve their selfish interests and paint the image of Islam wrongly, while others focus on using terror as a profit making enterprise.

While the Media serves the news to the permeable minds of the ignorant, one cannot debunk the fact that radicalised muslims have been used to perpetrate heinous acts, but from a vantage point, radicalisation is a human thing and not a religious programming as it is often percieved. We can’t keep Judging religions by its followers just like we can’t Judge a car by its driver. If a driver knocks someone down with a car who will you blame, the car or the driver?

Nigerians should also know that these Terrorists view us all as Nigerians and worthy targets and they don’t discriminate. Our divisions will do nothing but reduce our bargaining power for a better country from our leaders because we speak in divided religious and ethnic voices.

At this juncture It is suffice to quote the President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan in which he clearly stated that “Boko Haram killings have no link with religion” on that note we seperate Islam from this cowardly act of destruction.

I’m a Muslim, I’m not a terrorist and I don’t support terrorism.


The Anti Gay Law and Nigerians.

The concept of Homosexuality is an abomination according to the Holy Books, a taboo in African tradition and also to every extent it is morally wrong but that is not enough reason to hate or condemn anyone for being homosexual. Religiously and morally it is wrong to hate anyone for their choice or opinion in life but with the hate and condemnation homosexuals receive from everywhere especially from Nigerians one would think homosexuality is the only abomination in the eye of God which is not true.

Many of the things we do and see as normal are abomination in the sight of God but the society makes it seem like homosexuals are the greatest sinners in the sight of God, according to Ezekiel 18 v 10 – 13, homosexuals aren’t the only ones committing abominable offences even bankers and almost everyone involved in politics commit abomination but the society sees it as normal.

Instituting laws and tagging them like criminals shouldn’t be a state issue,, what two consenting adults do in private shouldn’t be a problem to the society and shouldn’t be an issue to be discussed in the parliament. Hating and condemning them won’t solve the problem of homosexuality, how do you convince those you’ve shown hatred to repent from their wrongdoings? Besides, making it illegal doesn’t make it go away.

The anti gay law cheapened our democracy and will probably pose more danger to the freedom of Nigerians than any other law in our history because there’s no way to prove anyone is gay and with the law enforcement agencies we have in this country more innocent people will be arrested, black mailed and tortured as gays and soon the law will be used as a weapon to settle personal and political scores.

More ground studies should have been done to itemize other options before laws are passed, that is why in America, not all states have legalised this act. The Okada ban law in Lagos is a clear example that in Nigeria the law enforcers don’t really understand the laws they’re enforcing neither do they know how to interpret laws, A law like this will give rise to many wrongful convictions and vile mob actions.

Homosexuals are our brothers and sisters and should be shown love, if we all claim to love God how come we hate our brothers for their choice in life? 1 John 4: 20 “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen”

Religiously, Homosexuals are like lost souls, they’re in sin but don’t know, to make them realise their mistakes they must be shown love and respect, prayed for and taught to be true to the order of nature,, by doing this we can convince them to forsake their wrong choice and change for good.

Nigeria; A Product Of Our Society

By Amir-Abdulrahman JA
President District 11 Outreach Project (DOP)

Democracy is a fair system in which the people get the leaders they deserve. Nigeria is a perfect example to fit into this description as our political office holders who are ambassadors of our paper-perfected Democracy are perfect reflections of our societal standards and what we stand for as a people. Why call our leaders idiots when we are bigger idiots? Why call them corrupt, when we are like them?

Our failed democracy is nothing but a result of inconsequential decadent hypocrisy and insalubrious sentiments that majority will always bring into everything especially when money is involved to buy our conscience and make us wave our sense of judgement. After the Last Presidential media chat, it became clearer that Nigerians lack the grace and acumen to advocate for change, we are talkers not doers and it is fair for any one to say; we don’t deserve good governance yet and not anytime soon. The incumbent administration is going to be 3 years old in office by 2014 and 5 years in total from the 2 years passed down from the Late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, we don’t need the United Nations, Transparency international or Amnesty International to tell us that in the past 3 years our Nation has been in a state of anomaly and almost heading for doom, a casual perusal and meticulous analysis of the subject will tell us so. In the last decade, N21 Trillion has been said to have fled the shores of Nigeria, the fuel subsidy was a total scam and innovations such as the SURE-P failed before they even got started, the last 3 years has threatened us with insurgency and incessant corruption cases.

The incumbent administration has failed in totality to address the major areas creating inferno and chaos in the Nation, instead they have exhibited great parochialism by playing politics while burning issues loom and threaten the sovereignty and unity of the Nation, yet we have people who are ready to fight you just for pointing out several incontestable fact that the PDP and the present administration has derailed the Nation 16 years backwards even if records show that I voted for the same people I criticise, their loyalists will accuse you of being blinded by religious sentiments. This is totally abysmal and uncivilized, to say I can’t spell out the ills of my government because I don’t share the same religious beliefs as majority of them.

If Nelson Rohlil-Ahla Mandela was a Nigerian, Nigerians will play tribalism and regionalism even when the state of the Nation is at stake, who cares? Nigerians are entertained by politics of backwardness and slavery, that is why despite the heinous atrocities of Late Gen. Sani Abacha against Nigerians and Nigeria, he is still being worshipped and praised by a vast majority of people in the North Like wise Lieutenant Col. Odimegwu Ojukwu in the East. In this zetgeist it is saddening that our politics is still being fraught with sentiments instead of important National issues, this is why our kingdom keeps crumbling and falling.

Nigeria is still one of the very few countries in Africa where political officers campaign with feeble projects such as bridge and road construction, portable water and Health care facilities after all we are educated illiterates who do not understand what “basic social amenities” means. Our politicians care about the hungry when they are voters and only care about the naked when they are women. We sell our votes for items as small as pack of maggi, bag of rice and in most cases for nickel and dime oblivious that selling our votes out is selling the future and our coming generation to continous slavery. Our politicians continue to offer such items because of the certainty that we are like them, we are what they are and what differentiates us from them is just time. while other Nations are moving to 2014 next year, Nigeria Is just stepping into 1961. This is hysterical but true.

The recent open letter of former Head of State General Olusegun Obasanjo to Dr Goodluck Jonathan has nothing to do with Nigerians, we are just being overtly partisan over paper-transactions (fraught with intentional and political innuendos) between a former president who ran a Nation of gorilla warfare and Lion-ist modus operandi and a serving one that runs a government of the elites and commitees where corruption is the currency for trade. Instead of dwelling on how to reclaim our Nation from these people in 2015, who have not even an infinitesimal idea of what the masses are going through. We stay analysing and looking for ways to take sides with them. It is disheartening that Nigerians are pleading with Obasanjo to help us stop President Jonathan from his 2015 ambition, this is to tell you that our powers as voters is zilch and has no effect on our democracy, we don’t need OBJ to act for us, if majority are dissatisified by his (GEJ) leadership, our votes should speak for us in unison. Allowing the same people interfere for us insinuates that Our fate, freedom and rights are being compromised, yet we are positioned to observe while we sing praises of them because they are from the same region as us.

One day at a gathering in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, a friend of mine told me that after he saw the natural resources possessed by Nigeria and our history of bad governance, that it is appropriate to say, Nigeria is not a Nation where heroes can be made, and it is going to take time for us to realise that we have the power to be better than the United States and China. Yes! Nigeria can’t possibly make heroes because the youths are bothered more by relationship status than the state of their Nation, we are obsessed with trivialities and enslaved by materialism that greatness has lost its adequacy in our hearts.

How can you demand for your rights when you live wrongly, a revolution starts with individuals doing the right thing. God did not send a prophet to lead the egyptians, they recognised their common enemy and proceeded. Muyideen Mustapha the 23 years old boy that passed away during the fuel subsidy protest in Kwara has been forgotten, his name blown with the dust on streets and sadly no place in history for him. Is it not true that we are not a Nation of heroes?

While we anticipate 2015, we should go back and look at the journey from 2011 till date, majority elected Mr President, he clearly represents us, so when we rain abuses and curses on him we should remember he is a product of our own system, the same society that made us, shaped him and we must learn to appreciate that fact.

The change we anticipate in this Nation, the utopia we dream of will only be a product of our individual-patriotism. Let us know our places, we should know that this is NIGERIA and we are Nigerians. Let us not seek the APC answer or PDP answer, let us not seek, the North, the South, West or East answer, Let us not seek the Christian or Muslim answer, let us seek for the right answer, Let us not seek to fix the blames of the past, let us accept our own individual responsibilities as citizens of tomorrow for the future. NIgeria belongs to us all and the earlier we put aside our prejudices, sentiments and bigotry aside, the better for us all. We can blame our pasts leaders for our present state, but we should be ready to blame ourselves for the failures of tomorrow. We must put aside our religious and ethnic sentiments and move forward without regression, although success may not be guaranteed but we must advance towards the path that will positively reshape Nigeria in the future and anything short of this is inadequate.

The next general elections in 2015 is just 16months away and to get it right then we must start doing the right things now, ask the right questions, stop being blind loyalists and act right, the enlightened ones should let the less enlightened know the dangers and consequences of selling votes and helping politicians rig elections, because if we don’t do these, Nigeria might get worse with each elections.


Our Culture Of Rewarding Madness In Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation where bad deeds are rewarded with applause and high praises, offences and deeds normally punishable in every other parts of the world are often treated with flagrant impunity and rewarded with jumbo contracts, amnesty or scholarships here.

A nation serious about curbing crimes and other vices will make scapegoats of anybody and everybody found wanting, anybody that violate the laws of the land whether written or otherwise. Laws are designed to maintain stability and balance in any society ergo it has to be obeyed and any society where there is a break down of law and other will be in ruins and chaos in no time

Negotiating with law breakers and criminals no matter their intent is an act any serious government should never consider, and in a situation where negotiation is the only possible option it shouldn’t be done in all sincerity because if the terms are fully implemented it will send negative signals; either portraying the administration as weak or the nation as vulnerable to any threats.

When you negotiate with the devil, you’ll always be at its mercy and the devil will always haunt you because instead of crushing it you offered peace to someone who won’t hesitate to crush you at any given opportunity.

We should ask ourselves these questions;

1. The amnesty given to the niger delta militants, did it achieve its aim?

2. Did amnesty solve or postpone the problems in Niger Delta?

3. What will happen when the payment stops?

4. For how long will Nigeria continue to pay for peace?

5. If Boko Haram accepts amnesty, will that stop another terrorist group from rising?

The main point of this article is not to discuss the issues of Boko Haram or Militants, rather it is to draw our attention to the rising culture of rewarding and applauding bad deeds in Nigeria:

The stowaway kid was recently rewarded with a scholarship, is that the right thing to do? If this kid is rewarded for exposing the lapses in our security, why should the 25year old man caught trying to do the same thing be punished? What does that say about us as a nation, if we reward the first offender but punish the 2nd offender of the same offence, where is the consistency in our justice delivery system? a nation that delivers different judgements to two people that committed same offence is seriously not consistent and shows how weak the administration of such nation is, if we don’t deliver justice the way it should be done, there will be increasing cases of law breaking and the reward given to the stowaway kid will surely send a negative message to other kids, they’ll surely grow up with the message that they can break the law and get rewarded and why not, if my mate is rewarded for acting bad why shouldn’t I receive similar reward.

In 3 years Nigerian government has amassed huge cuts on security alone and these are due to the accumulation of simple grass root crimes that were not met with swift and aberrant approach.

The continuous breakdown of law and order in this country is as a result of how we respond to crimes and until we start acting right, there might never be any reward for the huge yearly budgets on security which continuously affect other areas.

Religion: Bane of Our Development

By Amir-Abdulrahman JA
President District 11 Outreach Project (DOP)

Religion as defined by the 8th edition of the oxford dictionary is the belief in the existence of a god or gods, and the activities that are connected with the worship of them, or a particular interest or influence that is very important in our lives. The former definition is a true reflection of what is obtainable in our society today. Let me further emphasize that religion has been the foundation of modern day division amongst humans after slavery and aside racism.
Nigeria is not left out as we happen to be the most religious nation in the world, of that there can be no question, although a vast majority of us lack the mental capacity to comprehend what religion truly means. The Epoch of civilization In Nigeria has produced two major religions, Islam and Christianity with others in existence but in faint forms. In the advent of whatever we have today as religion in which was believed to be the perfect alternative to relinquish us from the slavery of our “cultural barbarism”, NEITHER GOD NOR MAN HAS KNOWN REST. Today Nigeria is faced with a sharp division amongst her people, the different manifestations of this sad situation must be frankly addressed. The most dangerous of these is the widening gap between Christians and Muslims which has been pernicious to our national development overtime.

Over the years, religion has been a tool for political manipulations and indirect slavery. Our political elites use the propagandized form of religion to fragment the nation so as to continuously protect their political influences and build their power bases. This singular act has led to many forms of abysmal fanatism and has blindfolded us from seeing the wrongs in the actions of those on our teams. In recent times, we have being faced with several cases of crisis and blood sheds due to this division as the camaraderie that once existed between both parties is gradually effacing ergo arms and swords are being used in-lieu of proper conversations. Despite the heinous acts of brutal killings and destruction of properties, no one has being brought to face the law, evidently the perpetrators of these skull duggery are shielded by “super powers” in our political domain.
It is very comfortable to say religion as a subject has caused us more destructions than good. If we look meticulously at the chronicles of our nation we will realise that Nigeria has lost more to religious crisis than to any other form of crisis in her history, an example of a few among many is the Shariah crisis in Kaduna, and the crisis in Sagamu where innocent people were brutally murdered and properties were destroyed. A more recent case was the story in Kaduna after the presidential election of 2011 where PDP emerged the winner. Initially it started as a protest against the results of the elections after one of the contestants was believed to have ultered a belligerent statement on television, with time it generated into a clash between PDP and CPC thugs and transciently into a clash between Christians and Muslims where Churches were destroyed in Northern Kaduna while Mosques were destroyed in Southern Kaduna as vendatta leaving so many innocent people dead and some roasted like yam tubers.

However some regions suffer more than others. Development in the North is hindered as a result of this division which continously mitigates crisis.

The Northern region is known for the poorest infrastructures and unempowered people, most of their blithe leaders embark on pseudo projects that are fraught with corruption and nepotism knowing fully well that they can’t be questioned by their bigoted and shallow minded masses who have being locked in illiteracy and spiritual shallowness. Imagine a case of a governor being praised for sending almost 50 people on pilgrimage in a state that lacks portable drinking water. Kaduna as an example is verbally divided into Southern Kaduna (Mostly occupied by Christians) and Northern Kaduna (Mostly occupied by Muslims), a shocking scenario revealed when Governor Patrick Yakowa died, there were cases of jubiliations in mostly northern part of Kaduna dominated by Muslims because he was a Christian. How grim can this get? The crisis pattern however involves the destruction of churches in northern kaduna and destruction of mosques in southern kaduna.
Recently, more priority is being given to defence, as the administration amass huge amounts funding the military anti-terrorism war due to the case of the militants uprising in the north. A dreadful terrorist group who are believed to be against western education has held the region to ransome. Since 2010, the economic activities of the north has been crippled as a result of the situation. More lives are being lost and more people are fleeing the state to look for peaceful dwellings. The last 2years has being the nadir of this dreaded insurgence as several churches, mosques, schools and homes have being destroyed and innocent people brutally murdered.

The youths are further brainwashed with twisted religious texts and recruited as thugs to carry out heinous crimes against their own people who are on the opposite sides (other religions).

Lately, religion is no longer about preaching peace and morality, two virtues that are so much needed in a perilous time like this, it has become a game of lords, a big business, in which on one side we have perverted hypocrites concealing the truths to gain political immunity and earn their ungodly share of the national cake while on the other side we have a group that believes in propagating enemity between religions and further spread terror and violence. Sadly, majority of Nigerians are unaware that these vile unconscionable Mallams and Pastors who continously push their extremist followers are shielded by armed thugs. The question is: how many of their children or family members have being killed so far in any of these crisis?.

An act of “worship” doesn’t involve acquiring material wealth at the detriment of others as or creating enemity amongst people but vice versa. I heard a preacher telling his congregation that the Muslim “Allah” is different from the Christian”God”, how grim and hypocritical? that is how the animus keeps spreading by the same people who are suppose to preach peace and unity. In reality, we all serve one God, the only difference between us is our methods. The more we are advancing, the more these divisions are repackaged and rebranded to suit our orientations, Sadly, even the educated fall for these traps. Today a vast majority of Nigerians feel Christians and Muslims are enemies by virtue of our primordial acqauintances, In reality, this is not so. These clashes have left us with putrid nightmares, injuries and pains with no side being able to vanquish the other, it is pellucid and important for us to see that there is no war between Christians and Muslims and whatever we see and experience is painted by some vile religious leaders who head our religious houses under the detailed instructions of their dare-devils at the top.

Nigerians should know that, this division is the style of the oppressors, be it the government or be it the predominant group. They oppress, and then use religion as a means to control the masses, divide them and lead them to submission and defeat.

It is time for Nigerians to understand that these ungodly religious leaders are fundamental parts of the plutocracy in our government. They get fat largesse from these people at the top who continously use them as tools to create religious propagandas. Let me bring to our cognizance that these religious leaders that preach divisions and violence hardly lose any member of their families to the outcome of these crises, their families are abroad enjoying the benevolence of their ill gotten wealth or moving in convoys of armed men.

It is obvious that both sides (Christians and Muslims) cannot wipe out each other, the best is for us to create an enabling environment where both sides will coexist peacefully. We must avoid being too keen to instructions from some of these preachers and learn to sieve some of these twisted exegesis.
We must understand that religion is as corruptible a human activity as any other. Its frontliners aren’t really saints, they are human beings and they do what human beings do- lie, cheat, steal from their members, overstate their importance and degenerate opposing views unfairly.

This division is obstructing our development as a nation and our empowerment as a people. We must understand that lack of unity will only make us suffer more as we have being suffering in the past. No nation has ever achieved greatness in division but as a single unit hence for us to achieve anything as a great Nation, we must learn to function as a single impregnable unit where the perfidious feelings will be washed away or be prepared to lose Nigeria forever. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!!

The writer is on twitter @ameer_tsidi

Freedom Of Speech and Dumbness

Freedom of speech is not and should not give rise to freedom of hate speeches and speeches capable of causing more division to an already divided nation.

As much as we all are free to always express what we feel inside of us, Nigerians need to be very careful especially with the world we are in now that information travel faster than light.

“Free speech is not the same thing as dumb speech. We can’t pretend to be sane men when our very words defy sanity” J.J Omojuwa

Elderly Nigerians should be good role models for the younger generations, though they’ve failed us woefully but shutting up when they have nothing sensible to say will go a long way in helping this sinking ship called Nigeria.

This is a nation divided against itself, Ethnicity and Religion are the two greatest enemies Nigerians battle every seconds of our lives and both have done more harms that good;

The Youths don’t really know who is an elder and who is a Youth anymore because everybody now behave like undergraduates; A former minister behaved like a drunk jambite with access to the internet, spilling all informations nobody asked for and he’s proud of himself, his words defy sanity and shows how much he’s refused to grow up.

As much as he is free to display his dumbness, he should limit it to himself and his friends, Nigeria is an already fragile nation, we don’t need him to tell us who owns what and where, we don’t want to know how many Igbo ladies he’s slept with, with his articles a fire of hatred has been lit and it will be very hard to extinguish it, its already causing rancour amongst the youths and if not curtailed it might lead to civil unrest and bring more problem to an already fragile nation. We don’t need people like him in Nigeria, he’s already shown to the world who he is and a thousand articles can’t change it.

Nigeria is and will remain a country until we go our separate ways, though many of us don’t believe in one Nigeria but as long as we are still together let’s respect the nation of Nigeria and becareful what we wish for;

Some Nigerians without dual citizenship are clamoring for a revolution but how many of us want what Egypt and Libya are currently witnessing, as easy as it is to scream revolution its aftermath is worse than what it tries to eradicate, Revolution will bring more questions than solution, wasting our blood won’t cleanse Nigeria, Hate speeches will further divide us so let’s work together, let’s put Nigeria before our tribe and religion(Not before God), if we all can think of Nigeria first then we’ll have the peace we need.

God Bless Nigeria

The Intricacies of Our Twisted – Dark Democracy

By Amir AbdurRahman J.A
President District 11 Outreach Project (DOP)

Finally what we craved and prayed for many years was granted and it was time to forget the past and look to a new lease of life filled with many hopes. We believed the new system will heal our land and make us forget all we’ve suffered in time past.

It was 14 years ago when the country finally embraced the Democratic system of government; we all believed that democracy is the ultimate cure to the ills inflicted on us by the cold chains and dark shadows of military imperialism.

Our hopes was that a democratic government will put an end to the incessant brutality and blood shed as well as the dreadful duo of bribery and corruption, but it was like pouring the same drink into a different bottle, since the return to democracy; neither God nor Nigerians have known peace. The funny intricacy of our twisted and bogus democracy is that the same circus players who bled Nigeria to death in the series of military regimes are the same ambassadors loitering the corridors of power today, a fortiori we have incompetent, wicked, fraudulent and desperate politicians with their immodest spouses trying to sully the nation to doom.

The epoch of our negated democracy has featured ruthless thugs and frisky criminals cloaking themselves as politicians, flagrant abuse of power by these so-called office holders and uncountable cases of invidious looting and unscrupulousness. These frontliners of our democracy, these vile unconscionable beings have all proven how amused they are by depravity and human desolation.

In these 14 years unemployment has soared to greater heights, our education sector is on the row of debacle, constant electricity still remains a dream and with each day we get new promises of when it will be resolved and despite the huge investments, the power sector continues to deteriorate; The public office holders prefer to fly abroad to treat a headache rather than fix our health sector and provide hospitals for the masses; agriculture is in a quasi-redundant state and terrorism is gradually becoming a norm, These are but few of the many “dividends” of our democracy.

Last week I saw a shocking photo of an ongoing surgery in a hospital while someone was holding a rechargeable lamp, at first it was hysterical but truth be told it warmed my conscience on how human lives have become utterly meaningless. Over the years things have gone from bad transiently to worst but all these melancholy, grim re-occurrences and inhumane oppressions are nothing but the comeuppance for our decadent silence as ordinary citizens.

We all share in these problems regardless of our ethnic and religious background, we’ve been silent for too long and the earlier we stop hoping that things will get better automatically the better for us, those at the helms of our affairs have shown us they don’t care how we feel and even when they feel we are getting close to threatening them they distract us with religious or ethnic issues

What is wrong with Nigeria today is that we’ve ignored our feelings;
the feeling that we deserve more than a tawdry democracy and mediocrity leadership;
the feeling that an ideal democracy (even not 100% obtainable) is a government of the majority and we the masses are that majority- that voting out the incumbent dominating party is zilch if we don’t collectively set a standard for our political office holders;
the feeling that it is our right to know and question our government and vote out the vampires there-in;
the feeling that it is our collective responsibility to put out these ungodly sleazy politicians and reclaim our nation;
the feeling that to ameliorate our nation positively requires collective efforts regardless of our religious and ethnic diversity and that hope alone will not get us beyond this point but rather our infinitesimal individual actions of patriotism because such actions are sine qua non to the utopia we all anticipate;

It is time for Nigerians to know that the collective fight against corruption is the fight for good roads, good jobs, portable water e.t.c. For us to progress as a nation we have to curb whatever barricades us from our much-needed unity; the problems of Nigeria are the problems for Nigerians irrespective of age, religion and tribe. If we really want to put an end to these inhumane oppressions and break out of the shackles of a bogus democracy, then its time for us to withdraw our investments from cowardice and dormancy and redecorate our beliefs with the motivation to move forward without regression, although success may not be guaranteed but we must advance towards the path that will positively re-shape Nigeria one day in the future, anything short of this is inadequate.

Its not necessary for us to make a rapid change but its time for us to make a difference by standing up to our corrupt government.

Its time we take our show of anger beyond the internet and let them know we can do more than the Egyptians, we aren’t zombies, we put them In power to serve our interest but they shown us that their interest matters most.

We’ve always asked: What Is Wrong With Nigeria but its time we start asking WHAT HAVE I DONE TO SAVE NIGERIA?

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Nigeria; A Place Called Hope

“There’s no better place to search for hope than the future; a concept that gives everyone in existence a reason to live.” – Amy Newak

The present day Nigeria is arguably the hardest in our history, sad news everyday, impoverishing policies are been implemented and day by day our brothers and sister get killed on the road because of bad roads, by devilish blood thirsty humans or get blown apart by bombs, its a period we cry daily because of the untold hardship we suffer in our fatherland.

But long before now Nigerians have always suffered one problem or another, some chose to defect to other parts of the world in search of peace and greener pastures while those that couldn’t run away stay back here thinking about the day we’ll have the Nigeria of our dreams, the Nigeria we all can be proud of, a Nigeria devoid of blood thirsty and covetous politicians, a Nigeria that think about her citizens.

Some of those that defected got the greener pasture they seek but we should also think about those that died in the process of seeking greener pasture, those that ended up in Jail and those that suffer one form of injustice or another, most of those things our brothers and sister suffer abroad are those things they could have done here and still be free but they are 3rd class citizens where they are and they are treated as such.

The countries we are trying to defect to have all passed through difficult times, they faced many of the problems we are facing here today, through the periods of the greatest depressions they faced but they choose to stay and build their country, if they had defected in search of greener pastures elsewhere their country won’t be as developed as it is now that we all are attracted to it and we want to build our dreams there, though its getting tougher here with each rising of the sun but we must not give up the fight now, we have suffered long enough to go back now and you and me must make up our minds to build the Nigeria of our dreams.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”
We still need to believe that our dear country will reclaim its lost glory as the giant of Africa, hope and believe is all we need, then we all need to work together as one with unity of purpose to bring better days to Nigeria, its too late to give up on Nigeria now, we must see this to the end and enjoy the better days we all crave.

Better days is coming to Nigeria soon, but it won’t come out of sitting around all day complaining and criticising neither will it come if we spend the better part of our days at the American/Uk/Canada embassies, but it will surely come if and when we work towards it.
Better days will come Nigeria.

The Worst Illiterate

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”.~Plato

The highest form of naivety and ignorance is refusal to participate in politics, and by so doing allowing those that get into political offices to ruin Nigeria and if it continues, they may ruin the future.

The effect of our continual avoidance of participation in politics has allowed the mismanagement of our economy and if nothing is done they will soon bleed our resources dry.
Those in power syphon public funds with reckless abandon to secure the future of their family and unborn generations while you and me continue to abstain from politics. The belief that our votes won’t count is the only way we successfully empower looters to win elections.

We need to realise that not participating in politics left the running of politics in the hands of rogues, thieves and greedy beings

According to Bertolt Brecht “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions.

The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.”

As long as we all excuse ourselves from politics our dear country will continue to be run by rogues; the people in government will continue to fill their pockets at the detriment of developing the economy. Its high time we all get involve in deciding who and what we want for this country;
the man who refuse to vote is not different from the man who sells his vote because both of them have succeeded in destroying Nigeria, though in different ways, in the same vein; the man who sells his vote is not different from the politician who syphon public funds, both are criminals.

Nigeria does not need political illiterates anymore, Nigeria needs you and me to stop being political illiterates, Nigeria needs all of us to save her; don’t abandon Nigeria when she needs you most, only if Nigeria experience peace will you be at peace, Get involve in the politics of Nigeria, don’t be a coward.

Getting yourself involved does not mean you have to contest for a political office rather it means you should contribute positively in making Nigeria great again, sensitize people on how to take our country from the thieves currently ruining it.
If the good people continue to avoid politics the bad will continue to govern us.

Don’t Be a Coward, Stop being the worst illiterate, Get involved, Nigeria needs you.