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Nobody was born empty.

Just like the earth has many Natural resources buried beneath it, we all have natural abilities that we were born with, abilities which are buried deep within us.

Every nation on earth has 1, 2 or more natural resources, also each person on earth has a divine ability to do something and excel with little or no training on it. The resources buried beneath the earth go through different processes and stages before they become the glittering object we cherish; from the stage where they are discovered, to when they are unearthed and other processing stages they go through before they come out shiny, so also Natural talents won’t just come out by itself; first it needs to be
discovered, then refined, practiced and perfected then it can be used to make the world a better place.

To know your talent you need to dig deep into yourself and find out what ability you have naturally and when it is discovered, you practice and perfect it before it can be used.

Nobody was born empty, everybody was born with the ability to do something, even the man with the dullest brain will excel at doing something. Discovered your talent and build on it, You are
good at doing something.