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Inspiring Thoughts

Don’t hate your critics
They are the people that follow your works keenly
Without being drunk they tell you the truth

As long as you make an habit of leaving the rest after doing your best
You’ll only be successful but never be great

When you fail at something don’t blame anyone
Retreat and prepare all over again

Failure is not the worse thing that can happen to a man
Not trying at all and quitting are

Success is not meant only for some people
If you can pay the price success will be yours

When you fill your mind with regrets about yesterday and your thoughts about the fears of tomorrow
You’ll lose today and ruin tomorrow

Common sense is a punishment not a gift
You’ll have to deal with people that does not have it

Thinking twice before acting can save today and rescue tomorrow
Not thinking at all can destroy today, and wipe out tomorrow

You can’t build a house from the roof
Starting small is the only way to grow big

Doubting your ability is the first step towards failure
Believing in your self in the best preparation

You can’t change the past,
but you can ruin the present
by worrying over the future.

Whatever you make out of life
Is the output of your input into life itself

Love is strengthened by working
through conflicts together.

In whatever you do in life
Always strive to make a name for yourself first
Once you have a good brand name, money will chase you pants down

Lying requires updating
Truth doesn’t

You don’t need a hundred friends to be happy
One or two friends that can help achieve your dreams can give you a fulfilled life

Only you is responsible for your happiness
But its not complete until you share it with others

Love is the only thing that is complete
After it is given out

You can’t be successful when you always look for excuses

Money not invested does not grow
Ability not practised and refined soon will become useless

Strength does not come from winning
Your struggles develop your strengths

Talking and thinking big can not and will not make you successful
Hardwork, commitments and love for what you do will lead you to success

The best motivation is from within
Without being self motivated, the best motivational speakers are wasting their time

There is nothing like too much knowledge
But too much knowledge about useless things is a waste of brain space

Today is the best time to start planning towards your dreams
Tomorrow is 24hours too late

Failure is an orphan
Success attracts success and distractions, you can chose to continue being successful or be distracted

Success also comes with lots of enemies
Managing your enemies is an important requirement of staying successful

Keep your dreams Alive
Believe you are the best
Don’t limit yourself
Always be a first-rated version of yourself, instead
of a second-rated version of somebody else.

Success Requires Sacrifice

Success is not a stroll in the park neither is it a roller coaster ride. it requires hard work, investing energy, time and sweat if possible blood. Success doesn’t go where its not needed neither does it stay where it not appreciated, Success involve starting something small and nurturing it like a flower, doing all you can to make sure you hit it where it matters. Failure is an orphan but success comes with many family, success will attract many things and many people but only those who are worthy and can contribute to make the success last are worthy of allowing to stay. Success also comes with lots of enemies but to stay successful, managing enemies is an important skill.

Success doesn’t come cheap like many believe, it comes at a cost, sacrifices needs to be made and the sacrifices could cost; time, energy and hard work. Only hard work leads to success not sleeping around and expecting success to run after you

Success belongs to everybody and anybody that is willing and ready to give it a good shot and go after it, it is not reserved to a few selected individuals. There are certain principles or commandment that needs to be adhere to in order to record and be a success;

It Does Not Matter How You Start : How you start does not determine how successful you will become, there is a psychological tendency in humans to always improve as the day goes by. Always remember that slow and steady always wins the race. Nobody cares how you start, what people care about is the end result.

Having A Winning Mentality : Having the right
attitude is crucial to being successful, you must have the winning mentality, nobody can become successful without believing in his/her ability to deliver, never doubt your capability and try to give your best to be a winner always.

Welcome criticism : Whenever you set out to do something original, daring, important and
exciting there will always be people, who will
try to talk you out of it. They will tell you your idea or goal is crazy, unrealistic, too risky, too innovative, too strange. Take it as possible feedback, not as the absolute truth, because in most cases people’s criticism has nothing to do with your goal and everything to do with their own personal fears, doubts and negative past experiences.

Learn From Your Failures : The more attempts
you take at something the sooner you will figure out the best way of doing it. Do not be afraid to try and fail. In fact, welcome failure, learn from it and try again.

Dream Big : Every important achievement
always starts with a great dream. Do not settle for less, just because it is easy, familiar and guaranteed. At some point in your life you will have to face a decision to either risk it and go for an opportunity or settle for less than you know you are capable of achieving. ‘Aim for the sky and you will reach the ceiling, Aim for the ceiling you will stay on the floor”….. Bill Shankly

Love What You Do : In order to be successful, itis important to love what you do, success does not solely imply financial security and a handsome paycheck at the end of the month, It is about self- realisation and enjoyment as well.

Always Open Your Mind To Possibilities : It is not always easy to spot a great opportunity that comes your way, especially when it looks like a problem, but this does not mean that we should stop trying. Be careful not to become too rigid in your thinking, as it will impede your ability to see possibilities and act on them.

Always Be Time Conscious : If you want to be successful in life you have to see every new day, every minute of your life as an opportunity for growth and achievement. Make it a habit of asking yourself throughout the day “Am I doing something meaningful or useful?” If not, you are stealing from yourself one of the most precious treasures you have been given – your time.

Associate With Winners : The people in your life will to some extent determine how successful you will be, always associate and rob minds with winners and people who share the same dream as you.

Encourage Others : Starting today focus on
empowering instead of judging, helping instead of criticizing, listening instead of talking, learning instead of convincing that your opinion is the only correct one in the room, and something magical will happen – people will follow you, seek your advice and offer their help to you without you having to ask for it.

Avoid Distractions : A great way of dealing with distractions is to remind yourself that they are the main reason why you will feel stressed out, overwhelmed and unproductive by the end of the week. Every time you say “No” to distractions you are moving one step closer to becoming a true master of your time.

Develop The Action Habit : Don’t be a man of
words but a man of actions, to be successful in life you have to start taking actions and not only talking about what you intend to do, take the risk, do what you need to do.

Be Patient : Success does not come overnight and it does not just happen, it takes time, it needs planning and being patient is very important in becoming successful.

Success is a process and you must love all the process involved, give back to the society and visualize your success.


It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because all that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are
~ Mark Cuban

To some, failure is a step backward / drawback, while to others Failure is another step close to achieving success. Nobody is a failure till he / she concedes defeat and accept that he / she has failed, failing at something doesn’t mean you didn’t prepare well neither does it mean you are not good enough rather it means you still have somethings to do before you achieve your desired goal.

When you attempt something and fail, there are 3 options that will automatically be presented to you

1) Quit and accept you failed.
2) Blame it on the environment and every other thing around you.
3) Start your preparations again and be determined not to make the same mistakes you made when you failed.

Failing at something means you’ll be either a day/ week/ month wiser and knowledgeable than you were the last time you attempted it. The only different between success and failure is the zeal, the determination not to quit and the spirit to be better than you were. The successful people in the world today are those that have failed at something several times over but what separates them from others is the fighting spirit not to give up and the enthusiasm to fight on till they win.

To a determined man the word ‘END” means ‘EFFORT NEVER DIES”, but to a weak man it means the end of trying and in the same vein ‘NO” to a determined man means ‘NEXT OPPORTUNITY” but a weak man will stop making attempts and accept failure.

Failure is as natural as success is. The word failure needs to be re-classified. Instead of using the word failure, we should use ‘err’ in its place. Failing at a task is simply getting it wrong or possibly not getting it right.
Nothing substantial in life will ever be achieved if failure was the end of the road. Life is full of trials and errors and without trials there can be no errors, and without trials and its all encompassing errors, success simply will not be achievable. Errors are the one ingredient we all need.
It is precisely these errors that show us the way things should not be done. This is called learning.
Solutions to problems are born out of failure. Failure only becomes real when you lie down and give up.

Once you stop trying and throw up your arms – once you do not have any more ‘stomach’ for the task at
hand – once you give up and state that it is the end of the road – only then can you describe the task as
failure or at least label it so

Always endeavor to keep trying, keep attempting and never relent, attempt it not till you get it right but till you can’t get it wrong because failure is how you define it to yourself and how you view it.

Below are some helpful quotes

Failure and defeat are not the same thing, Defeat only takes hold when you have succumbed to

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more

Failure builds courage and courage builds success

Failure is a word I don’t accept.

Failure is not a sin – it is a just another way of attaining success.

Failure often contains the very lessons required to be successful

“Failure is the best form of education known to mankind.
The more you fail – the more you learn.
The more you learn – the better educated you are, The better educated you are – the greater the chance is of success.
Thus in order to increase your chances of success, you need to educate yourself, The best way to do that is through failure”