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………….But Talent Is Not Enough

This is the concluding part of ‘Nobody was born empty”

Talent Is Not Enough….
To be a success, some other factors determine how successful a man can be with his talent;

Self Belief: To be a success in anything there us a need to have self belief that you can do it, so also a talented person must believe in his/her ability to deliver when and where it matters, of course self belief is one of the requirements of success.

Practice: As the saying goes, ‘Practice leads to perfection”, Talent requires constant and consistent practicing so it could be mastered and done with or without any aid.

Passion: Be passionate about the ability you have, develop it and do everything required to make the talent work for u.

Focus: Be focus on what you want to achieve and avoid unnecessary distractions that could disturb you.

Relationships,: Always be mindful of the kind of relationship you get into because those you associate yourself with could make or mar your talent, not necessarily relationship with the opposite sex, but the relationship with those you work with and those around you.

Character: The kind of character you have will either improve your talent or the other way round, Its always good to have and build a good and positive character towards the development of your talent and bring success.

Initiative: Make better use of your initiative and be very creative with your talent, develop it more.

Responsibility: Always take responsibility for the decision that concerns you and your talent, never blame those around you, learn from your mistakes and build positively on it.

Courageous: Be very bold and courageous in making and taking decisions.

With the input of these factors, with your talent, be sure that success is assured