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27 Things About Me

One of the hardest things in our lives is describing ourselves but somewhere deep down inside, we know who we are, what we want, and where and when we are happiest.

So for my birthday today I think it is a pretty good representation of all that. I chose to list 27 Things because 27 was the hardest year of my growing-up life so far and every other day after the 27years I believe will be pretty much easier, I think better days are here for me.

1. I Am the 1st in a family of six and my full names are Adefenwa Adeniyi Adebola Joshua Ishola Babatunde Sunday Rabiu Adeshina, I named myself Arthur after the legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries. I love everything British though I don’t know what Heathrow Airport looks like.

2. I have a problem with identifying colours but am not colour blind and Mathematics scares me

3. I escaped expulsion twice in secondary school for protesting against the injustice my account and English teachers did to me, they both failed me in tests because I taught others

4. I was not made a prefect in secondary school because the principal caught me and a girl playing roughly during school hour but he told the teachers I can’t be a prefect because I had a Pass in Yoruba Language

5. When I left secondary school, I was told I have been registered for a computer engineering programme, I asked my mum why she wanted to embarrass me because the closest I ever was to a computer was about 100feet, I cried for 3days but at the end of the programme, I graduated as the best student of the institute

6. I wanted to study Accounting in Olabisi Onabanjo University and also do rap music, but I ended up studying Economics, in Lasu and instead of doing Rap am writing articles.

7. I still don’t know how to ask a girl to date me but everybody around me thinks am a womaniser though I once dated 4girls at the same time, 2 in the same compound

8. I love eating Eba and vegetable soup a lot but only at home.

9. I hardly listen to gospel music because I feel most of the gospel artists are hypocrites, I’ll rather listen to DMX sing about God and I don’t believe anybody knows the Bible more than I do.

10. I was born and raised a Christian but have prayed in the mosque more than 20times till I realised I don’t belong there

11. I can’t travel without my Bible

12. I can neither dance nor swim to save my life

13. I Am very shy, Josh on the internet plays a lot but Josh in real life is very quiet and my voice scares me

14. I think better when am depressed, I write better when am disturbed

15. I still cry a lot

16. I prefer stubborn and brilliant Ibo/ Edo/ Delta ladies to girls to gentle and brilliant Yoruba ladies and In my mind I see ladies that wear make ups as lacking confidence and artificial.

17. I trust easily, love deeply, am honest, am a good listener(because I hardly talk), hardly get angry but once I loose it last for 30 unbearable seconds, and I don’t forget easily.

18. I once had interest in repairing electronics until I opened a TV one day, I forgot to unplug it, and I placed my hands on the tube, I knew I was dead for about 30seconds until the TV fell from my laps.

19. I protested against a lecturer in the university in 100level and he almost got me shot by the campus marshals claiming I was a cultist

20. I never dated anyone in the university. Before you throw stones , please ask her, we never dated at all.

21. Before NYSC, I had only spent 28hours outside Lagos

22. I Am from Igbore Abeokuta but I have never been there, I have only spent 16hours in Ogun state

23. I have more virtual friends than I ever will have in real life

24. I stopped boozing the day I woke up in the middle of the night and started rapping after getting drunk at a friend’s party

25. I started blogging last year, I wrote an article ‘The Economics of Love”, after publishing it on my blog, I felt my brain was exhausted and I went blank for nine months, couldn’t write at all.

26. I hate to see a woman cry and hate to be thanked in public.

27. 27 is what am celebrating today.

Guess have been able to tell you about myself, it wasn’t easy coming up with these but thanks for reading. Happy Birthday To Me

A Song For Mama

A song for my mama
A song for my true love
A song for my goddess
On her special day

On this special day mum
I celebrate your life
Being the extra ordinary woman you are
You have made a whole lot of differences

You turned a boy to a man
You raised two kids from boyhood

To Manhood

I could have grown up a gangster
But you led me to church

You kept me in church
And you made my life a good one
All my childhood memories
Are filled with the sweet things you did for me

You fell in love with me since you conceived me
And till date you never stopped loving me
The only woman who never broke up with me
Even when I do annoying things

During the days of my greatest depressions
During those days I felt I can’t do anything good
During those days I felt the world is against me
You stood by me, never made me feel alone

I celebrate your smart mothering
Your clever and creative methods
Of gently molding your beloved child into your vision of me:
I celebrate your boundless physical and emotional energy in loving me, leading and supporting me

On your birthday Mom,
I celebrate the best thing about my life…
Having you as my mother.
Without you my special, loving mom,
I would not be here.

Yes, I owe it to you, Mom.
Though we do fight once in a while
You never stopped believing in me
You never stopped loving me
When I succeed and when I fail
You never stopped encouraging me

You loved me and enriched my life,
And I’m so glad to have you in it!
There is no way I could pay you back mum
But I sure know what you deserve

Happy Birthday mum
Many Happy Returns to come
Hopefully your next birthday will be with your grandchild
I love you to bits Mama

Happy Birthday mama